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Pocono Green

Being a Green visitor is about living a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, not only while you're here, but also in all the destinations you visit.

As a Green visitor, you will be more aware of your environmental impact, water and energy usage, and waste production. A simple rule to follow is to treat the places you visit with the same respect you would want visitors to observe in your own community.


Before you leave home

  • Turn water heater to "Vacation" or lowest setting.
  • Turn off water at all outside connections (to prevent flooding should a pipe break while you're gone). When you return, turn on the water slowly and check for problems.
  • Turn off AC/heat or adjust the thermostat to protect plants, pets, etc.
  • Appliances, such as TVs and cable converter boxes, should be unplugged because they can draw or "leak" as much as 40 watts per hour even when they're off.
  • Turn ice maker off (lift wire) to prevent flooding should it break while you're away.
  • Lower the temperature of water bed heaters at least ten degrees.
  • Stop your newspaper.You may be able to donate it to a school.
  • Purchase electronic-tickets for airline travel whenever possible.Less waste. If paper tickets are lost, they may cost $75-100 to have them replaced.

While you are here

  • Enjoy walking tours.Walk where sensible.
  • Use public transportation when available.
  • Take a Load Off!To improve gas mileage, leave luggage at your lodging, observe the speed limit, keep your tires inflated to the recommended pressure and try to keep the roof line clear.
  • Try to group your destinations for the most efficient route to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Don't allow anything to be thrown out of your car windows.
  • Consider rechargeable batteries rather than single-use.

Hotel stays

  • Participate in the hotel linen programs or let the hotel know that it's not necessary to change your sheets and towels every day.
  • Reduce the amount of water used for bathing or showering.
  • When you leave your hotel room, turn off the AC/heat, lights TV and radio.Close the drapes.
  • Participate in hotel recycling programs by placing recyclables in appropriate bins.
  • Bring your own toiletries – If you remember to bring your own toiletries (shampoo,soap, toothpaste, etc.) you are assured of getting the brands you like while reducing the amount of packaging and resources required to produce the mini containers in your lodging.
  • Leave little bottles of amenities in the guestroom if unopened.
  • Keep bar soap wrappers and take used bars of soap home.
  • Carry a dry cleaning or grocery bag with you in which to carry dirty laundry home.
  • Let hotel management know, by speaking directly to management or writing them a note, that you want them to conserve and that you want to participate.
  • Instead of leaving bathroom lights and fans on all night, it's wise to pack night lights for hotel stays.
  • Be sure to turn off exercise equipment, sauna, whirlpool, jacuzzi or tennis court lights when you're through.
  • Check out of the hotel via the hotel's electronic program available on the TV in some hotels.You can view your bill, approve it, and help reduce paperwork.

Dining out

  • Make it meatless.
  • Eat seasonally.
  • Try local produce and fruits.Many restaurants feature local produce, as it is fresher and tastier than produce that has traveled long distances.AND not only does eating local produce support local farmers, but this healthy food does not require extensive transportation that emits Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Visiting our natural and historic sites

  • Take only the brochures or maps necessary.Return others to the brochure stand.
  • Make a pledge to yourself not to maim or kill any living creature other than enemy or pest insects. Educate yourself as to which are "beneficial" and which are truly "pests."
  • Use binoculars and cameras to "hunt" animals.
  • Bring a non-polycarbonate plastic water bottle that can be refilled each day, eliminating disposable plastic water bottles.Pocono Mountains tap water quality is comparable to bottled.It uses less packaging and requires less energy for transportation.
  • Take only photographs.Do not take souvenirs from natural areas, historical areas or hotels.
  • Leave only footprints.Take everything out that you brought with you.No graffiti, no litter.
  • Pick up at least one piece of litter every day – especially at national tourist locations which are vulnerable to huge tourist populations.
  • Pack what you want and bring it back with you.
  • Appreciate historic structures and artifacts.
  • Avoid introducing non-native species.
  • Observe wildlife from a distance.Do not follow or approach them.
  • Control pets or leave them at home.
  • Avoid wildlife during sensitive times; mating, nesting or when food is scarce.
  • Respect other visitors and protect the quality of their experience.
  • Let nature's sounds prevail.