You’re in luck: peak color time in the Pocono Mountains is in a few weeks! And trust us, you’ll want to see this. We’ve got just the hikes to view this astounding foliage

Our 67,000-acre outdoor playground is ablaze with bright reds and oranges waiting to be explored. The Poconos welcomes all things fall with adventurous day trips and numerous ways to view the foliage. Want to experience the foliage up close and personal? Hike among the colors, and ascend to the top of the region for a breathtaking view of the Pocono Mountains.

This post features hikes in our northern, central and southern color zone regions, and this week’s fall foliage forecast shows those color zones are closing in on peak color! The northern region is at 50-80% with 75-90% of the leaves on the trees, central region is at 20-30% with 80-90% of the leaves on the trees, and the southern zone is showing 30% with 90% of the leaves on the trees. There's enough time to plan your visit to catch optimum autumn scenery!

Ready to hit the trails? Read on for six of the top hikes in the Pocono Mountains to catch the foliage before it falls! We’re covering everything you need to know from distance and difficulty to scenery and pet-friendliness. 

1. McDade Recreational Trail
Location: Bushkill, PA - Parallel to the Delaware River from Milford to Shawnee on Delaware
Distance: 31 miles; access points every few miles
Terrain: Packed gravel with some sturdy bridges and a few steep hills
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Approved Uses: Hiking and biking
Scenery: Delaware River, farm fields, woods, historic buildings
Pet Friendly: Yes
Our Take: The McDade Recreational Trail is ideal for leisure seekers. We hiked the southern end from the Hialeah parking lot to Smithfield Beach and back. Access points every few miles permit easy on/off/turnaround. The trail is well-maintained and clearly marked. It is bordered by the Delaware on one side and trees and farm fields on the other. Smithfield Beach is a picturesque place to stop and take in views of fall foliage along the river.
Our Advice: Map your route in advance and arrive early to get a parking spot. Learn More

2. Irving Cliff
Location: Honesdale, PA 
Distance: 1 mile round-trip
Terrain: Gravel and dirt
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Approved Uses: Hiking and trail running
Scenery: Downtown Honesdale, wild flowers
Pet Friendly: Yes
Our Take: This hike is short and sweet atop Irving Cliff. The path isn't challenging and the views are breathtaking, especially during the fall. You'll have to drive to the trail head, but the trail boasts a stunning overlook of Honesdale. 
Our Advice: Don't forget your camera to capture an uninterrupted fall view of Honesdale. Learn More

3. Wallenpaupack Lake Trail
Location: Hawley, PA; Intersecting Routes 6 and 507
Distance: 3 miles round-trip
Terrain: Packed gravel
Difficulty: Easy
Approved Uses: Walking, trail running and nature trips
Scenery: Lake Wallenpaupack, woods, wildlife
Pet Friendly: No
Our Take: Whether doing half or all of this trail, this is a gentle option for those who prefer a nice, leisurely walk. The path around Lake Wallenpaupack features beautiful contrasting colors; cool lake blues and warm tree foliage reds, oranges and yellows.
Our Advice: Visit the Lake Wallenpaupack Visitors Center for more information about the trail and the surrounding area. It's open to the public seven days a week. Learn More

4. Levee Loop Trail
Location: Stroudsburg, PA - Parallel to Brodhead Creek between Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg
Distance: 4.5 miles round-trip; access points throughout the trail
Terrain: Grass and gravel with some unestablished sections
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Approved Uses: Hiking, trail running and biking
Scenery: Yetter Park, Dansbury Park, Creekview Park, Stokes Mill Park, Brodhead Creek
Pet Friendly: Yes
Our Take: The trail travels alongside the Brodhead Creek between the two towns of Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg, which makes for a relaxing trek. With multiple access points, you can conquer sections of the trail or the entire loop! 
Our Advice: If travelling through the Yetter Park section of the trail, watch for frisbees. A disc golf course intersects here, so keep an eye out for play. Learn More

5. Lehigh Gorge Trail
Location: Lehigh Gorge State Park, Jim Thorpe, PA
Distance: 26 miles; access points throughout the trail
Terrain: Packed gravel with boardwalks and bridges
Difficulty: Easy
Approved Uses: Hiking and biking
Scenery: Thick vegetation, the Pocono Plateau, Lehigh Gorge, and the Lehigh River
Pet Friendly: Yes
Our Take: As an intersection of the D&L Trail, this trek has one of the most beautiful views in the region. The trail can be completed in its entirety or picked up at different access points to shorten the trip. Located in Jim Thorpe, this is a great trail for families, couples and groups. The park has ample parking in multiple parking lots, and well-maintained walkways with benches. 
Our Advice: Start at the Rockport access point and walk towards Jim Thorpe. The 15-mile downgrade makes for a nice, relaxing walk. Learn More

6. Shohola Falls Trail
Location: Route 6, Shohola, PA
Distance: 0.6 miles round-trip
Terrain: Slick, rocky creekside
Difficulty: Easy
Approved Uses: Hiking
Scenery: Shohola Falls, woods, creek
Pet Friendly: Yes
Our Take: Looking for a quick hike with gorgeous scenery? You’ll find it here! This short trail parallels the waterfall on a declining rock path. If the falls are running with ample water, the excess water splashes the trail making it slippery. This hike brings you head-on to the falls, so don’t forget to bring the camera for a photo-op. The trailhead can be hard to see from the road, so slow down as you approach the location as not to miss the trail.
Our Advice: Use caution when walking down to the waterfall. The trail gets trickier the lower you go. Learn More

All the trails featured in this blog are free! For additional resources, check out our other hiking trails. While vacationing in the Poconos, remember to visit responsibly. Please be respectful when experiencing our public spaces, and take your trash with you to leave no trace.

We hope these guides inspire you to hit the trails before the leaves hit the ground. Find a place to stay so you can rest up before completing all six of these hikes! Save on your stay with fall offers!

For weekly updates on the leaves, check out our fall foliage forecast! This way, you can get the most out of autumn in the Pocono Mountains. Feeling ambitious? Discover more fall fun with our fall adventure bucket list!

For safety reasons, the Glen Onoko Falls Trail is closed to hikers as of May 1, 2019