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Last updated: 11/20/17 -- Check back on February 1 when this blog will be updated for 2018! With the extended holiday weekend quickly approaching, Presidents' Day yields a multitude of things to do in the Pocono Mountains. Families can enjoy bonding time while adventurers can experience their own escapades. Below are just a few suggestions to enjoy your holiday.

NEW! Tour the Pocono Mountains on Three Wheels

Thursday, October 13, 2016 11:00 AM by Aimee Kohler

Have you heard? StockCar Racing Experience (SRE) has a few new toys in the garage. They’re called Polaris Slingshots and they just may be the next big thing in motorsports.

Featuring three wheels, two seats and a sleek, sporty design, Polaris Slingshots hit the market last year. StockCar Racing Experience acquired a pair this July, and in early September launched Pocono Slingshot Rentals—the newest way to tour the Pocono Mountains.