Special Alert


New iPhone 5 and updated iOS system 

The PMVB would like to stress the importance of this issue and the urgency we feel is necessary in confirming your information. The PMVB website 800poconos.com, in the summer months alone received 121,000 visits from iPhone functionality.

The below was emailed to PMVB members on October 3, 2012:

With the recent advancement of the new iPhone 5 and the updated iOS system, apple has chosen to switch to iMaps, which is powered by yelp.  Apple was previously using Google Maps for their chosen map application, which worked fairly well to pinpoint locations of interest (such as your business).  It has come to our attention that some of our member's locations are not being recognized by this new application when customers try to search the company name (ex: Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau).  In order to insure that your address is being recognized by this new app we encourage you to test it by going on your iPhone or iPad, and going to the app and typing in your company's name.

If the business has their own address as a contact in their iPhone when they check the map, that will overide the inquiry. They need to remove the contact from their own address book in order to accurately see if their address and url is listed properly.

Steps to test your company's name...

1. Click on the iMaps application
2. Once you are in, type the name of your company (ex: Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau)
3. If your company is recognized by iMaps a red pointer will be placed on the map, along with the name of your company and a blue arrow (>).
4. If you click on that blue arrow a complete listing of information will follow including, phone number, website, and address.

If your location is NOT recognized by iMaps proceed to the following steps:

*If your address is not recognized by the app by typing the name of your company a box will appear saying "no results found."

1. Click Ok
2. Go back to the top of the screen where you typed your company's name, and replace it with your company's address. Click search.
3. A red pointer along with the address you typed in will appear.
4. At the bottom, right-hand side of your screen you will see what looks like a creased page of a book. Flip that to the left.
5. A screen will appear with options. Click on the middle of the screen on the right-hand side "Report a Problem"
6. Next, click "Location is missing" and then hit Next
7. A map will appear on the screen with a purple pointer. Double check that the pointer is in the correct location and then hit Next
8. The next screen that appears is the screen where you can enter the information for your company's name to be added to iMaps.
9. Fill out all useful information, including, name, address, phone number, and hours of operation.
10. Hit Send

*Apple has informed us that your address will not be added immediately.  They are working hard to solve the problems with this new app, and will update your information as soon as they can.

This is just a suggestion in order to help your businesses. Our hope is that all customers will be able to find your locations with as much ease as possible.

Contact Tiana Cefali at the PMVB with any questions at 570-421-5791.