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Beltzville State Park

Beltzville State Park is located in Carbon County. This pet friendly park is located along Pohopoco Creek with recreation areas around Beltzivlle Lake. The lake is 949 acres with a shoreline of 19.8 miles. Fishing in Beltzville Lake is a popular sport. The lake is also ideal for boating.

An owner, keeper, or handler of a pet may keep the pet in the park only in accordance with the following conditions:

1. It is on a leash or is in a cage or crate.
2. It is attended and under physical control of an individual.
3. It does not behave in a manner that may reasonably be expected to disturb or intimidate another person.
4. It does not behave in a manner that may cause damage to property or resources.
5. Its droppings are disposed of in trash receptacles or outside the park.
6. It has been licensed and vaccinated as required by law.
7. A pet is not permitted in a designated swimming area.
8. A pet is not permitted in an overnight area unless the area is designated by the Department for pets.
9. A pet is not permitted in a building; this does not apply to a guide dog, signal dog, or other animal which has been trained to assist, and is accompanying, a person with a disability.
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Tour & Travel Amenities
  • Bus Parking
  • Food Service Available
  • 2950 Pohopoco Drive
  • Lehighton, PA 18235
  • Phone: (610) 377-0045
  • Toll Free: (888) 727-2757
  • Fax: (610) 377-9439
  • Email: beltzvillesp@pa.gov