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Thank you for your interest in the Pocono Mountains. The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau's (PMVB) public relations department provides assistance to travel journalists on assignment by arranging itineraries and facilitating visits to attractions, outdoor activities and other points of interest throughout the region that will be covered in articles, online articles, broadcasts and books.

We receive a considerable number of requests from journalists seeking legitimate media privileges. As a result and to most effectively meet your editorial, photographic and/or broadcast needs, we ask your cooperation in following these media guidelines:

  • All requests must be made and all credentials received a minimum of three business weeks in advance. This allows us to pursue suitable lodging, based on availability, and make other arrangements to enhance your visit.
  • Travel press should provide a letter of assignment on letterhead from the media outlet you are representing and two recently published travel articles to Kelly Shannon along with the completed request form below.
  • Online media are asked to submit all of the above along with third party documentation of web traffic to Kelly Shannon. They must be active in social media and committed to tweeting and posting during the trip while utilizing #PoconoMtns in their tweets.
  • Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau does not pay for hotel accommodations, but where appropriate, can liaise with its lodging partners to try to secure a media rate or in some special occasions, complimentary accommodations. If our partners offer to comp media or offer discounted rates it will be for a maximum of three nights which should be sufficient for most story assignments. Black-out periods may be experienced throughout the year. Since the final decision is made by lodging partners, the PMVB cannot guarantee pricing. Also, please note that complimentary and discounted accommodations include room rate only, not incidentals such as gratuity, phone charges, Wi-Fi, parking and room service.
  • Please understand that assistance is provided for members of the working media. Host locations are not always able to accommodate spouses, children, photographers and visitors accompanying working journalists.
  • The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau cannot provide airfare for your trip, nor can it pay for ground transportation (a list of companies offering rental car media rates can be provided upon request).
  • While complimentary meals can be requested, they are provided at the discretion of the host business. Complimentary meals exclude gratuity and alcohol and will only be for the writer unless the host wishes to extend the invitation to additional guests.
  • The PMVB will provide destination escorts as needed, in-person interviews with key executives, high-resolution photography and fact checking.
  • Journalists should notify the PR department immediately of any change in plans.

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