4:52 min July 08, 2024

A Day on the Delaware with Bri & Dee | Pocono Television

Join Brianna and Deanna for the launch of a new series, Bri & Dee, as they spend a day on the Delaware River with Edge of the Woods Outfitters!

Brianna/Deanna: Tell us about Edge of the Woods Outfitters.

Chuck Cooper: Hi, I’m Chuck Cooper, owner of Edge of the Woods Outfitters. We grew up in Delaware Water Gap and opened our small business in 2007. We felt there was a need for an outdoor outfitter in the village of Delaware Water Gap. Our business offers, primarily, river trips. Canoes and kayaks are the best vessels for this section of river as it is lazy-river paddling and fantastic for people of all abilities. You can do a lot of swimming; we provide your life jackets and safety information. You don’t have to worry about dangerous rapids or anything beyond your ability level. It’s a fantastic trip for families and first-timers.

B/D: Why is the Delaware River an ideal place to visit in the summertime?   

Chuck: I think what keeps people returning is the beauty of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Ten minutes get you right to this beautiful spot, and you can spend the day floating down the Delaware River without any of the stresses of your life. You’re away from it all, you’re in a wilderness area that’s not too far from the car. Because it’s so accessible wherever you’re coming from, we can get you on and off the water very quickly, and it’s a family-friendly activity.

B/D: It’s calm and peaceful, but also filled with adventure!

Chuck: There are a few rapids, maybe class one; a little bit of bumpy water just to make it fun and exciting. Nothing that’s going to throw you out of the boat or anything. It’s great for swimming, paddling. You can be out for an hour or two, all day, or a multi-day trip with camping along the way.

B/D: After a few hours on the river, the trip ended in Portland, Pennsylvania, where you can take in more scenic sights and take outstanding photos from the Portland Walking Bridge.

Chuck: We also have a gift shop in Portland where you can stop in to grab a drink or snack. We have gift shop items such as hats and t-shirts. We also have bathroom facilities for our guests to use at the end of their trip. It’s a nice, shady place for you to wait for pickup. And just as we dropped you off, our company will run you right back to our location in the Water Gap.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Bri & Dee on future episodes of Pocono Mountains Magazine!