5:09 min July 08, 2024

Babbling Brook Cottages Tour | Pocono Mountains

Explore the charming Babbling Brook Cottages located directly next to George W. Childs Park.

Hi, everyone, it's Jim Hamill and welcome to Babbling Brook Cottages here near Milford and Pike County. This is Bear Claw Cabin, one of five historic cabins across the property here, which overlooks George Childs Park, which we featured on a recent episode of Pocono Mountains magazine is reopening this summer. And so this is a perfect place to bring couples families. We're about to meet the owner, Lamar. He's a character. He's going to show us around here. We're going to see what it's like inside Bear Claw.

LAMAR: Hi, Jim. How are you? Welcome to Bear Claw Cabin. Come on in.

JIM: Check this out, guys. Wow.

LAMAR: This is the original cabin built by the Weber family. It now can sleep up five, five. Fully equipped cabin, full kitchen. This property is almost 100 years old. Same family built all the cabins. It was a little family retreat. Okay, now I get to share it with guests like you you've had since 2020.

JIM: And I love that you're keeping the historical aspect and the rustic aspect of these places. Well, you've got the full on kitchen in here where you can cook and prepare meals and really enjoy your time here. Whether or not it's a time in the springtime, summertime or the fall time. And even you've got this really cool older image here as well of this cabin back when.

LAMAR: Everything is supplied towels, paper, good sheets, blankets, high speed by fi cable TV running water, running water, hot and cold.

JIM: Seems like a kind of place where you'd want to have the windows open at night so you could just get that fresh air here in the Poconos, right?
LAMAR: Absolutely. And every cabin you'll see gets decorated completely differently. And seasonally, all the decor changes.

LAMAR: Now we're on to what we call fireside Pines. Nice. It is the only cabin with an indoor wood burning fireplace for our guest. So you can use it any time of the year, especially in the winter, when there's a little bit of snow falling. It's great.

LAMAR: Here's the fireplace. Very wood burning fireplace. You have a picture window for the rustic view, especially coming outside here.
JIM: You got to scope this out. Wow.

LAMAR: So Christmas in July is held in Milford. This year it will be on July 20th. There'll be events all over town. Nice. Mostly everything that you can do is free. And yeah, we just have a love of the holidays and we're going to show you a little taste of that, what we call the toasted marshmallow. Toasted. And we have it already ready for Christmas. All right, please, Lamar, after you.
JIM: Oh, Christmas time is here, folks. Would you look at this? Christmas presents under the tree. Not for you. No, not for me. I understand.

LAMAR: So each cabin comes with their own Weber Gas Grill for outdoor grilling. They have their own private fire pit. I supply all your firewood. As much as you'd like to burn. And when possible, I try to set up your fire pit, as you see here. Yeah. So you check in, grab your lighter, and start your fire and start relaxing right away. What you see through there is Childs Park, just a stone's throw away. And what the original family developed this land for is to have access to Childs Park. And this cabin here is called Snuggler's Notch. First Cabin built in 1935. Wow. Nearly a century ago. That will be reopening soon. And I'm sure everybody's very excited for that here when they come to stay, because they can access that just from the right here where they wake up in the morning. Absolutely.

LAMAR: We call this Snugglers Notch because of its tight quarters. Sure. But it allows for a great snuggling bathroom on the far side. Bathroom situated here? Yeah. Yes. Love this for the full set of basically panoramic windows. All season long. All year long, you get different views of spring, summer you get the falling leaves and then you have your falling snow, which people really enjoy.

JIM: Lamar we are now at the Cozy Cove with a couple mugs here babbling brook cottages on them. And this is a common space where people can enjoy outside of the five cabins here. But where can people find out more if they want to book a stay?
LAMAR: You can go right to the website at Babbling Brook, everything, videos, photos, rates, calendar, everything that you want to find is on there. That's fantastic.
JIM: We appreciate you having us here on Pocono Mountains magazine. Folks, get here. Make sure you get in one of these cabins and have yourself a merry little Christmas.