4:37 min April 03, 2023

Bar Louis in Milford | New Menu and Atmosphere

Enjoy a slice of Manhattan in the basement of Hotel Fauchere at the newly-reimagined Bar Louis!

In downtown Milford, the Hotel Fauchere has been around for many, many years. Downstairs at the historic hotel is the perfect place to find yourself if you're hungry and also looking for a great cocktail: Bar Louis.

Bar Louis has an entirely revamped menu and an all-new atmosphere.

"What we tried to do here is keep what was great about this restaurant because it has a lot of fanfare it has been one of the places that people come to when they kind of want to escape and feel like they're maybe in Manhattan with a new menu and a cocktail menu too," said Steve Rosado with Milford Hospitality Group.

Bar Louis is back with a little swagger. Rosado is extremely proud of what is new and also what's iconic about the view at the bar.

"One of the focal points of the room one of the features is obviously the picture that's behind the bar that's one of three. One of the three is actually in a museum and the other one's held by by a world-renowned art collector so it's a it's an amazing piece behind the bar a lot of people come to just see that," added Rosado about the photo of Andy Warhol kissing the cheek of John Lennon.

The images around Bar Louis are from the same famous photographer of Andy Warhol's heyday, Christopher Makos. The vibe here pairs well with Chef Bobby's creations. Appetizers, a la carte Iberico ham, steak and eggs yes but not what you think you think.

"You marry that with the duck egg and the way that it's cooked and prepared and you've never had a steak and eggs like that."

Jim and Steve sampled many of the amazing dishes on the new menu at Bar Louis and a couple cocktails as well. Cheers!