6:33 min November 06, 2023

Dining at the Mansion House of Summit Hill

Meet the family behind the delicious dishes and drinks at The Mansion House of Summit Hill.

The Mansion House of Summit Hill is as hidden gem in the Poconos serving traditional, authentic Italian dishes. PTN spent some time with sisters Nina and Lucia and their daughters, Naomi and Alessandra, who are the new owners running the restaurant.

When asked about their background, Lucia said, “we came straight from Sicily in the 1980s and decided to help our brothers who have their own restaurants. Several years later, we decided we wanted to create our own business. My sister and I always wanted to start something together, but we never had the opportunity until six months ago. So now here we are, starting with this new business!”

Nina added, “our girls joined us, and we couldn’t imagine doing this without them. Together, we make an awesome team."

Lucia and Nina work behind the scenes in the kitchen, while Naomi and Alessandra run the front of the house as servers and bartenders.

As part of happy hour, The Mansion House of Summit Hill uniquely offers a pasta special in addition to specialty drinks. Naomi added, “we have a three-course special with pasta, a side, and dessert. We also have live music three times a week, which is a lot of fun and brings people together.”

The sisters brought PTN back to the kitchen for a sneak peek at the operation, and prepared some of their most delicious dishes to taste, followed by seasonal cocktails. Salute!

The Mansion House of Summit Hill is a short drive from many #PoconoPlaces, including small towns such as Jim Thorpe and Lehighton.