3:30 min July 26, 2022

Dream on the Farm | Farm Arts Collective

Willow Wisp Organic Farm along the Delaware River in the Pocono Mountains hosts "Dream on the Farm," an original decade-long performance cycle focused on climate change. Don't miss this year's performance August 3-7, 2022!

On this summer's eve, rehearsal for a week-long of shows in August was underway inside a balmy greenhouse at Willow Wisp Organic Farm in Damascus.

The original work, "Dream on the Farm," is part of a 10-year-long series of performances at the farm along the Delaware River.

"It’s been a galvanizing experience I think for the community and for our actors. We’re also farmers. A lot of people in our company are also working here at Willow Wisp Organic Farm," said Farm Arts Collective artistic director Tannis Kowalchuk.

Kowalchuk directs this year's installment: Tavern at the Edge of the World.

Set in 2062, the tavern is a place of refuge from a world in climate crisis.

"The experience is that they’re not only going to see a theater performance but they’re going to a beautiful location and reminded what could be lost. What we have at stake, a food source, a clean water right next to us with Delaware River," added Kowalchuk.

"We devise all of this, write it all ourselves, the music is original, we’ve been working in earnest since January," said Jess Beveridge with Farm Arts Collective.

Beveridge is back in character for this year's Dream on the Farm along with her fellow performers, the supporting cast and crew.

"There’s a lot of excitement, a little bit of anxiety as there always is when we’re coming up to a show," she said.

Last year's performance garnered some coverage from the New York Times featuring the artists and farmers who aim to entertain and provoke thought as well as action.

"We had a really nice story in the New York Times last year, nice people are learning about it," said Kowalchuk.

If you missed this year's performance on the farm there will be more, rounding out the ten-year-long decalogue. In the meantime, Farm Arts Collective will continue doing what it does to encourage action including even the smallest of steps to help battle a global issue.

"If everyone does something when they leave, set up a recycling or compost or be informed," said Beveridge. "If someone does something and motivation to do something about this then I think we did our job."