3:26 min May 08, 2023

Homegrown Makers in the Poconos: Goods & Grain

PTN visits a new business in Hamlin, PA that's leaving its mark all over the Poconos.

One of the stops on the Pocono Beverage Trail is Jam Room Brewing Company near Newfoundland and the sign at its new location didn't come from some big sign manufacturer, it came from a homegrown maker right here in the Poconos: Brittany with Goods & Grain.

Brittany Chadderdon's skillful hands are doing exactly what they were meant to do: make and create. The business woman and mom of two is settled into her new home for Goods and Grain in Hamlin, churning out projects for clients across the Poconos.

"I think a lot of what drives me is an innate desire to create with my hands, that comes from being a stone mason's daughter, stone mason's granddaughter," said Chadderdon.

Brittany was surrounded by friends and family for a ribbon cutting at her shop recently, a sign of how much support she has gained doing what she loves.

"A lot of that has been organically grown, through my social media, creating connections even beyond that, surreal, felt so grateful and thankful for everyone who came."

It was a big moment for the startup business that has grown and grown, taking root during the pandemic and expanding.

"It was a hobby then a side hustle, then this a ha moment, 'Oh I can make this my thing.' I can do this full time. Slowly but surely the jobs kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger," she said.

Now Brittany has a small retail shop featuring women-made merch from other makers like her and she is also opening up her studio to others to teach, create and collaborate.

"So far to date we had a candlemaker, polymer clay artists and Hamlin-based cookie artist."

Brittany has done jobs big and small, some cool Pocono Television memorabilia and that epic Jam Room sign that was her biggest to date!

"It took a lot of trial and error, overall the end result hangs on the front of the building."

Goods and Grain has also been able to leverage micro-loans like the Circle of Aunts and Uncles to upgrade her equipment and invest in a high-tech laser that creates some amazing products.

"We worked really well together working through the kinks, amazing to know as a small business that's out there."

Surrounded in the building by other women-run businesses, Goods & Grain is right at home, making a name and so much more.