2:50 min January 08, 2024

Inside Flagstaff Lodge | Jim Thorpe, PA

Tour one of the bed and breakfasts in the Poconos, Flagstaff Lodge, in Jim Thorpe, PA!

"Welcome to the Flagstaff Lodge. Let us show you around."

That was the welcome from Anthony and Paula, owners of the Flagstaff Lodge new on the scene in 2023, a five-suite vacation destination in its own right just outside picturesque downtown Jim Thorpe. Paula and Anthony toured PTN around the property, once owned by an artist, now their home to share with others who visit the Poconos!

"We found this place we thought maybe returning into a Airbnb venture into that, but we fell in love with it's our home and turned into our home," they said. "Walk through the door and they get that feeling they belong and that's what we want. We want them to feel like they're home kick off the shoes and just relax and the best times that we have in the morning and we're sitting over coffee and just meeting your friends and experience group, friends, friends and family."

These partners have remade the home/stay-away for guests with all the things you'll need to have a great overnight. By day, adventuring around Jim Thorpe and Carbon County and getting the hospitality of home at at the Flagstaff Lodge.

"A microwave, refrigerator, sink, coffee maker, but we also offer continental breakfast in the morning fresh ground fruit coffee one of our favorites actually yeah I guess as well so they can't wait to come down in the morning. Sometimes we can't get rid of them check out time's 11 they don't leave till 4:30-5 o'clock," said Paula and Anthony.

The property is adjacent to hiking trails, a trout stream and ask Paula and Anthony what makes their home away from home unique, it's that they make other feel right at home.

"We checked in the guest and Paula and I both sitting here and the woman came down to shoes on and just sat in the chair feed up and just started talking to us," said Anthony. "That's the best compliment that you could get that she made herself at home and strange compliment, but it works for us and like OK he feel it that's great that's that's what we're trying to accomplish."

"It's just something that we never expected. We just loving it every day more and more. It's very fulfilling it really when you see the people smile on her face," said Paula.

Whether it's the Office Suite, the Alfredo Suite, or that Master Suite with the clawfoot tub and views of the Pocono Mountains, the Flagstaff Lodge is keeping with tradition and more than a century of hospitality sharing this home with grateful guests including Jim!