5:50 min February 05, 2024

Inside Pocono Palace Resort

Celebrate the Month of Love with the third installment in a series on the Land of Love at Pocono Palace.

JIM: All right. So we're in the main lobby now of Pocono Palace here near East Stroudsburg. We wanted to get our tour guide host with most Lindsey Williams here to join us again. You've toured us around Cove Haven, around Paradise Stream, now Pocono Palace. What's so special about this property?

LINDSAY: Pocono Palace is the only resort that has the iconic Roman Tower.

JIM: before we get to all that, I'm a little hungry. You got something?

LINDSAY: Yeah. Let's visit the dining room, have some breakfast.

JIM: All right. Lead the way.

JIM: Lindsay, thanks again for having us. And we have this great opportunity here in the dining area to overlook Echo Lake and have a great bite to eat here. Starting off for breakfast, I'm famished.

LINDSAY: Yes. Our breakfast specialty prepared by the chef. I'm excited about these mimosa flights.

JIM: Mimosa flights you got going on here. You've got the eggs Benedict, the grapes. And then it's not just breakfast here, too. You can have dinner as well.

LINDSAY: Definitely. You can have a full dinner, dessert, salad bar. It's really fun.

JIM: And especially around this time of year, it's extremely romantic here. You guys really go all out for couples who are here to celebrate love, definitely. This is the setting, the mood. And you can get this.

LINDSAY: When you come in for dinner, you get a bottle of champagne and a special glass to take home.

JIM: All right. Let's pop this bubbly.

We met Belinda and Gayle. The couple from Long Island has been coming to Pocono Palace for years.

“Well, I think the first time was in 2009, maybe,” said Belinda. “Yeah. In 2009, we fell in love with the forever lovers. So that was a good thing,” added Gayle.

They’re taking advantage of the benefits program, Forever Lovers, with opportunities to upgrade their room. Speaking of upgrades, Pocono Palace has its own unique feature accommodations including the Fantasy Apple Suite.

Pocono Palace is where couples go to feel like a king or queen and play around.

Ask them why they keep rekindling their relationship at Pocono Palace, Belinda and Gayle will tell you it’s the romance!

“We come back because we've been married 32 years, and you have to keep the romance going and your marriage. So they make it really romantic in those rooms. So that helps a lot,” said Belinda.

“It's a nice place to come. I enjoy it. We always share with everybody we go to the Poconos is are you going to love heaven?,” added Gayle. “Love is the key.”

Love is the key whether it’s around Valentine’s Day or anytime of the year. More couples including those in their 20’s and 30’s have fallen in love with the Cove Pocono Resorts like the couple from A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour on Instagram. We introduced you to them in the first part of this series on Cove Haven.

They recently released a book and it all started with their love for the Land of Love.

“It feels so original, doesn't feel like a copy of anything. Everyone wants a piece of it, no one will have what they have.. I'm obsessed,” said Margaret of A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour.

Remember Dave and Hannah from our Cove Haven segment? They recently stayed at Pocono Palace and have some news to share about their future.

JIM: Pocono Palace also has this wicked cool night club where major recording artist Lucy Dacus recently shot a music video.

JIM: All right, Lindsay, this is Pocono Palace's claim to fame in a lot of ways. This is the Roman Tower. Even bigger champagne, glass, jacuzzi than Cove Haven has. Tell us about this.

LINDSAY: This suite which has its own indoor pool, the heart shaped pool, dry sauna. And above us, the balcony to the bedroom. A balcony from your bedroom.

JIM: That's pretty fantastic. Now, how can people get in touch with Cove Haven Properties Cove Poconos Resorts to book a stay at a place like this.

LINDSAY: You can book online on our website. You can follow us on social media, but you can also call our call center and speak to a real person while you're setting up your visit to the land of love. And so that call center, you can find out that information certainly easily at the website.

JIM: Speaking of getting in touch with real people, we met Dave and Hannah at Cove Haven for the first part of this three part series. And since then, they've visited here at Pocono Palace. And guess what? They got engaged.

LINDSAY: So cute. It really is.

JIM: Especially when we're around that time of year where you're celebrating love. And now we wish them all the best in their future together. Definitely. All right. So thanks again, Lindsay, for having us here at Cove Pocono Properties. But we're going to leave you with that engagement that Hannah and Dave posted to social media enjoy.

Congratulations to the happy couple making Cove Pocono Resorts in the Pocono Mountains part of their love story.