4:34 min May 08, 2023

Inside Trap Door Escape Room + Madness Distillery & Tasting Room

Discover a truly immersive escape room experience in Bartonsville at Trap Door, then toast to a successful escape at Madness Distillery & Tasting Room.

Brianna Strunk and the Pocono Television Network interns became paranormal investigators trying to save children abducted by the boogeyman, then battled wind and rain (yes, real precipitation came down!) while trying to survive an F5 tornado heading straight to the family farm.

Trap Door uses a mix of live performers, puzzle solving, and physical challenges in its four different immersive experiences, which owner Tone Purzycki compares to ‘escape rooms on steroids’. Each theme spans multiple rooms, in total, 13,200 square feet of playing space! In Trap Door's most popular experience called "Cure Z", which includes more than ten rooms, you'll help save humanity from the zombie apocalypse.

“This is essentially its own form of entertainment, an entire world of storytelling trapped in two hours, and it feels quite real,” said Tone Purzycki, owner.

Or travel down the rabbit hole into a world where Alice in Wonderland meets twisted asylum. After cracking codes, climbing through makeshift vents, and eventually saving Alice from a terrible fate, an adult beverage from The Asylum Club certainly took the edge off.

Then, unwind downstairs at Madness Distillery with syringe shots and themed drinks with funky names such as ‘Zombirita.’

“Everyone liked just hanging out with us and shooting the breeze after spending time with Trap Door, so we thought why not do it over cocktails?” Purzycki said.

Tone has fond memories growing up around his father's bar and took an interest in spirits later in life. He now distills his own, which you can taste at Madness Distillery, or take to-go.

And, Tone's background in landscape architecture has come in handy for building his over-the-top Trap Door sets. “Ever since I was a kid, it was undeniable that I had to be in some form of entertainment. I was part of the reason our entire film production department in high school got shut down, because I took things a little too far,” he joked.

Trap Door isn't just a fun activity among family and friends. It’s become popular for company team building days, too. “This provides the opportunity to put down the phone and escape into a whole new world where all these crazy situations can and do occur. But, you can get through them and live to tell the tale,” he added.