3:39 min December 04, 2023

New Homes for Trap Door Escape & Madness Distillery

After a devastating fire, Trap Door and Madness Distillery are starting afresh at two new locations. Get a sneak peek of what’s to come in the new spaces with Pocono Television Network!

In May 2023, PTN took you through four immersive experiences at Trap Door in Bartonsville. These far from ordinary escape rooms spanned nearly 30 rooms. We cracked codes, climbed through vents, battled wind and rain, saved humanity from the zombie apocalypse, then got to unwind with themed beverages at Madness Distillery.

One month later a fire destroyed it all, along with many other businesses that called Fountain Court Plaza home.

“That was heartbreaking. It’s not the same as losing a child, but it feels similar,” said Tone Purzycki, owner of Trap Door and Madness Distillery.

Custom set pieces and years of innovation were all lost. Yet, Tone and his team vowed to rebuild. And they’re doing so at Pocono Premium Outlets in Tannersville.

Tone said, “the space is fantastic, it’s a wide-open canvas to draw all over. We think it’s going to be a homerun location with drastically more foot traffic.”

Wonderland Madhouse will be a nod to one of the experiences from Trap Door’s original location but completely reimagined with a live cast, upside down performances, a tipsy tea party, and ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ mini golf.

“It’s, how can we wow people in new ways? If it’s not something I would want to do, I wouldn’t want to make it,” Tone added.

And the big comeback is happening in not just one location, but two locations. Welcome to the future home of Madness Distillery!

You might recognize the building in Brodheadsville as the former Bulldog Liquidators, offering plenty of space to distill vodka and rum. Tone is even introducing a line of sub-flavors, while keeping signature drinks like the ‘Zombirita,’ which we tasted back in May.

“I think we did pretty darn good with our flavor palettes, so I’m sure all the new cocktails will be just as good and better,” he said.

Madness Distillery also plans to host unique and edgy acts on weekends. “Think cirque du soleil style performers, acrobats, bands, comedians, magicians, fire breathers and sword swallowers,” Tone explained.

Losing two businesses then rebuilding in two locations has come with challenges along the way, but in his immersive experiences and real life, Tone says it’s all about overcoming obstacles. “I just haven’t given up, we’re never going to stop,” he added.

Wonderland Madhouse by Trap Door at the Pocono Premium Outlets is expected to open just in time for Christmas, with Madness Distillery to follow in early 2024. Cheers to that!