5:54 min April 03, 2023

Pocono Organics Cooking Class | Lion's Mane Mushroom BBQ Burger

Deanna visits Pocono Organics for a cooking lesson with Food Network Chopped Champion and Executive Chef Lindsay.

Pocono Organics, which has grown into one of North America’s largest regenerative organic farms, strives to provide health, wellness, and education. Owner Ashely Walsh founded the property in 2018 after battling health issues in her late 20s and realizing the lifesaving, healing benefits of eating nutrient-dense, organic foods.

Pocono Organics spans over 380 acres with more than 38,000 square feet of greenhouse growing space. Located near the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond and open year-round, Pocono Organics is a great place to purchase fresh produce, take a cooking class, or enjoy a bite to eat in the Market/Café.