4:12 min May 06, 2024

Raise a Glass at Bovino's Brewery and Eagles Rest Cellars | Pocono Beverage Trail

Sample some true Pocono craft brews and wines at Bovino's Brewery and Eagles Rest Cellars along the Pocono Beverage Trail!

On tap for our first stop on the Pocono Beverage Trail, Bovino's Brewery in downtown Stroudsburg. Ed Malsch's smile is as wide as the barrels he brews in talking about this passion served by the pint.

“It is not a job to me, brewing beer. I have done a lot of jobs, but this when I come to work every day. It is,” said Malsch. “I have so much fun. It is not work. Interact with people. I can sit there, spend hours doing it and thoroughly enjoy it.”

“We kind of brew beer for every different kind of beer drinker that there is. Yeah. So I mean, from light beers to darker beers to lagers, I think we do a pretty good job of making drinkable beer for a lot of people,” he added.

And if beer isn't your thing, Bovino’s does have local wine and spirits to serve up on this stop along the Pocono Beverage Trail, plus a food menu that pairs perfectly with anything.

“That is such a good thing being on Main Street. They can start. Maybe they don't start here. They could have started somewhere else, but they end up here, they sit down, they have beer, they can enjoy the food,” said Malsch.

That's why the Bovino's crew is ready to share their brews with everyone at their location on Main Street.

Just a short drive from downtown Stroudsburg, Royce Fetherman's Eagles Rest Cellars is ready to take flight this season on the Pocono Beverage Trail as well!

“You know where we're located from New York City and Philadelphia. It's a beautiful triangle,” said Fetherman. “And the more people we could be exposed to, there's plenty of beautiful places to go and relax and enjoy music and good drinks. We would love people to come to Eagles Rest Cellars.”

Much of the wine bottled with the Eagles Rest Cellars label is from the grapes grown right here in Cherry Valley, on a conservation easement, named for where Royce's father, an airline pilot, landed for retirement, but also for the eagles that fly over this land.

“They're on the property every single day. And people ask why Eagles Rest. Well, it was tree plantation. Now it's Eagles Rest Cellars,” he added. “The eagle is synonymous with pilot which is what my father was with Transworld Airlines, and this is where he came to rest, to retire. So that's why it's called Eagles Rest.”

Royce and his wife are both Air Force veterans, adding to the reason for these names: Taxi, Lift, Divert and Airdrop to name a few. And when you touchdown at Eagles Rest Cellars, there are plenty of ways to enjoy what comes from the vines, the fire pit, flower gardens, sunflower fields and a pumpkin patch all about to bring a bouquet of smells and tastes to this part of the Pocono Beverage Trail.

“We do have tastings. We have a lot of outdoor areas. We have music on weekends. There's a lot to offer. On top of just the beauty of Cherry Valley, we do have 15 different wines that we sell. We make we make all our own wines here. And we also with our winery license, we're allowed to sell craft beverage brews, which would be beer locally sourced beer from Shawnee Craft, Richmond Farms and Brewery and Log Tavern from up in Milford,” he said.

So when you're heading out on the Pocono Beverage Trail - be sure to check out both stops here in Stroudsburg, Bovino's Brewery downtown, bring your appetite and adventurous palate, and Eagles Rest Cellars to soak in the environment, and sweet and dry wines.