6:43 min April 08, 2024

Restaurants in Hawley, PA | The Settlers Inn and Crazy Country Club

Chow down with the culinary crew at The Settlers Inn plus meet the owner at Crazy Country Club both in Hawley!

The Settlers Inn here in Hawley is one of the many restaurants taking part in Pocono Mountains Restaurant Week. And you might think because this place has such amazing food and it's so well-manicured that it's not that approachable. Well, let me tell you, the people here at Settlers are ready to welcome you for restaurant week. So we have a little bit of a behind the scenes in the kitchen lined up. And we're going to take a bite with the corporate executive chef right here at Settlers. They're going to check out another spot just down the street with a totally different vibe.


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Chef James Kelly got his start right here in the Settlers Inn kitchen years ago. Now he’s the Corporate Executive Chef for about a half dozen restaurants in the Settlers Hospitality Group. His talents and his team’s talents are ready to shine for Pocono Mountains Restaurant Week and beyond.

“I think the biggest thing for me in Restaurant Week is it gives everybody an opportunity to dine, you know, some people,” said Kelly. “You know, Settlers Inn might financially a bit out of their budget, you know. But wow, the three course brunch for you for 20 bucks a person, that sounds great and gives you a place a chance to try this and then go, honey, let's go here for your birthday.”

No matter the occasion, dining is part of the fabric of these Pocono Mountains especially at the Settlers Inn and its sister properties, many taking part in restaurant week with special menus and deals.

“It’s a great time when things are not as busy. It's a good time for locals and visitors to come and get a value and just we're having fun with it. So excited. We have four restaurants participating and it's fantastic to see how many restaurants in our community which are the lifeblood of really of Wayne and Pike County within the Pocono Mountains,” said Settlers CEO Justin Genzlinger.

Back in the kitchen, Chef Kelly is preparing a sample of one of those menu items, penne a la vodka.

“Chef Tony created this [charcuterie board]. It's one of the signature items over at Glass is their meat and cheese boards,” said Kelly. “A couple meats, a couple local cheeses from Calkins. And some, some nuts, some crackers, a little bit of jam. You'll be good.”

And if restaurant week ends and you still are left wanting more, the team at Settlers and its many restaurants are still prepared to welcome you anytime.

“We do a lot of things year round. It's starting to come in the live music territory, so both at the Runaway Train Brewery and at the Dock on Wallenpaupack, we have live music on Fridays,” said Genzlinger. “We always have our burger and brew night here at Settlers. We do a pizza night at the dock, you know, so we do things all the time in the community. But Restaurant Week is really a full dining experience. And, and I think it's just going to be great.”

That was a fantastic meal at Settlers in here in downtown Hawley. But if you want a totally different kind of experience for your dining, you've got to check out the Crazy Country Club here in Hawley. This place has warm beer, lousy food, and you got to meet the owner, Scott.

One look inside Crazy Country Club, you can see it’s not your typical food joint.

“You have to be here to actually experience it. You can't even talk about it. Not that that was so good or so bad, but it is a very unique. You're not going to get this anywhere else,” said Scott Burdo.

Scott is carrying on tradition, his dad’s place in Brooklyn had a similar theme.

“If you have a birthday or an anniversary, I have a bunch of set songs and the people like if a woman wants to razz on her husband or vice versa, they'll tell me and I'll put them in the set song,” he said.

The Crazy Country Club has carved out a much different experience for diners, a feast for the eyes all around and a trick just waiting to be played around every inch.

“It’s an interactive restaurant, and Chelsea over there is very, very part of this operation. She's works the gigs behind the bar,” said Scott.

“I think it's like more about creating memories. I love it because I don't I'm not miserable coming to work every day. And that's most jobs in today's world. And I personally love to be happy where I work, I love it,” she said.

On the menu, aside from the silly string fights and theatrics some award winning wings and cocktails too. 

“We won first place with these Asian wings, and they're a hit here. And we also have these dry rub wings that I brought up from Brooklyn that nobody has,” said Scott. 

So if you’re in Hawley, especially during Restaurant Week April 7th to the 12th, stop into the Crazy Country Club and see for yourself. Laugh a little. Experience a different kind of hospitality but hospitality just the same. 

“And what I do love and my father before me is when people will come here with their folks. And bring their kids,” said Scott. “And I'm watching the parents and the children laugh together. To me, I swear, that I did my job.”