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Fall Foliage Forecast

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Week of Thursday, October 18, 2018 - Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Home to more than 127 varieties of trees, shrubs, and plants, the Pocono Mountains is truly a spectacular sight during the fall season. Because the region spans 2,400 square miles, three distinct color zones are present allowing you to catch peak colors not only once, but three times. Updated every Thursday through the end of October, this forecast will assist you on where, when and how to experience the brilliant foliage in our four-county region. The fall foliage report is also available by calling 570-421-5565.

Check back throughout the season as projected dates for peak color are subject to change. For more information about the Pocono Mountains, follow us on TwitterInstagramPinterest, and YouTube and like us on Facebook at PoconoTourism. 

Fall Foliage Report for the Pocono Mountains

View our geographic map of the Pocono Mountains to see our three color zones.

Week of Thursday, October 18, 2018 - Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Northern: The northernmost color zones encompass northern Wayne and Pike Counties. A quarter of this area will have Oak trees changing for the last burst of color over the next week. The other ¾ of the area is past peak due to the leaves being knocked off by the rain. Full color is at past peak with less than 50% of the leaves on the trees.

Central: The central color zone encompasses southern Wayne and Pike and northern Monroe Counties. Significant color changes have been in the Birch, Maple, Black Gum, and Sassafras trees. Cooler temperatures should start to progress the color change throughout the next week. Most of the Maples and Hickories that have peaked already have experienced leaf drop. More Birch and Red Maple in dry areas have started to change color and add a mix of vibrant yellow and red to the landscape. Sassafras continue to change color and add a mix of red, yellow, and orange to the forest. Some Oak trees are starting to change in some spots, adding a dull orange/brown color. Full color is at 50-60% with 80% of the leaves on the trees. The projected date for peak color October 21-22.

Southern: The southern color zone encompasses southern Monroe County, and Carbon County. The wait will be a little longer, but the stage is being set for the rest of the trees to make their displays. Arriving more noticeable this week is the Tulip Poplar with their bright yellow color. Each day Oaks become more noticeable on the landscape and as temperatures dip into the 30’s at night they will continue to make their change. The deep reds, yellows, and russet browns of the various Oak trees can be seen hiking the trails at Hickory Run State Park and State Game Lands Number 40. Full color is at 55%, with 75% of the leaves on the trees. The projected date for peak color is October 30.

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