4:11 min January 01, 2023

Salt Caves in the Pocono Mountains

PTN's Brianna Strunk takes a wellness retreat to try dry salt therapy at two different salt caves in the Pocono Mountains!

Lounge in a chair and breath in the air, just like you're at the beach. Only your feet will be covered in salt, not sand.

The floors and walls of Crystal Garden Metaphysical and Salt Cave in Mount Pocono are covered in Himalayan salt, while a machine disperses pure, medical-grade salt throughout the room. Halotherapy, or dry salt therapy, is said to have spiritual and physical benefits. “It helps with breathing, allergies, snoring, acne, and is great for the skin. It helps bring that glow,” said Diana Iriarte, owner.

Since opening in early 2022, the salt cave has become a popular place to simply sit and relax for 45-minutes, even meditate or read a book. You can also schedule a massage, reiki or sound healing session, or a guided meditation. Afterwards, pick up some products from the crystal shop to continue your wellness experience at home. Even attend educational workshops.

“It's a delightful feeling to be able to help people and inspire them. We teach that crystals are a tool, but you are the number one tool,” Iriarte explains.

Less than an hour away in Honesdale, a peaceful yoga session is underway at Northern Light Salt Cave. “This place has a naturally relaxing environment so when you do breathing and meditation practices, it magnifies the benefit of the breath and the meditation work,” said David Goddard, yoga instructor.

There are kids’ classes, too. “Children's yoga is a lovely space where we give kids the knowledge of how to connect movement with stillness, so that they learn about the mind-body connection and can really begin to have the skills to move internally,” said Tracy Bajadek, children’s yoga instructor.

Based inside Northern Light Counseling Center, the salt cave is open to all, and has especially helped clients battling depression, anxiety, and trauma. “I think putting a spa-like service into a mental health facility opens the doors for everyone to be able to gain the benefits of this type of treatment,” said Claudia Bayly, owner.

Man-made salt caves are meant to mimic salt mines dating back to the 1800s. Miners who had regular exposure to the salt noticed its health benefits. “There's really nothing you have to do when you're in here to reap the benefits of halotherapy, so we try to make it as relaxing and comfortable as possible,” Bayly added.

Calming caves, where salt brings serenity.