Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Celebrating diverse events, businesses, and offerings in the Pocono Mountains.

The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau (PMVB) affirms that everyone belongs in the Pocono Mountains. We believe that respecting all people and celebrating our differences makes us better neighbors and partners for the benefit of our entire community. The PMVB welcomes everyone - no matter where their journey begins, what their abilities are or how they identify - and we’re committed to continuing to celebrate and champion a more inclusive and equitable community and destination. The PMVB recognizes that diversity enriches the experience of our destination. We embrace the diversity of our community and strive to represent that in our organization’s hiring, programming, marketing, and outreach efforts so that we’ll thrive together in the Poconos.


Pride in the Poconos

Ethnic Dining

Ethnic restaurants of the Pocono Mountains cook up authentic dishes as diverse as the landscape. From hearty Irish pub fare to traditional Thai and Peruvian cuisine, there’s no end to the culinary adventures that await in the region. Explore our dining options (listed alphabetically).

Things to Do

Accessible Guide to the Poconos

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LGBTQ+ Friendly Accommodations

Get to Know Hassan Abdel-Moneim, Vice President of Resort Operations at Mount Airy Casino Resort

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