Things to Do in Stroudsburg

Anything you need, you can find in the borough of Stroudsburg

There's always something to do in the charming town of Stroudsburg. Whether picking out fresh produce at the Stroudsburg Farmers Market or seeing your favorite band perform at the Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg has something for everyone to enjoy.

The walkable downtown has many original buildings from the late 18th century, which hold an array of unique shops, art galleries and restaurants today. From cozy cafes and bakeries to numerous wineries and breweries, find your favorite spot!

Festivals, events and activities abound both on Main Street and in the surrounding zip code. Things to do in Stroudsburg Pa occur year-round. Check out these activities below and gather ideas for your trip. Pinpoint where to go with each of our maps.

Explore Downtown Stroudsburg

Beer, Wine & Spirits in the Burg


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Surrounding Areas