4:19 min July 08, 2024

A Day at Costa's Family Fun Park in the Poconos

Discover a fun-filled place to take the whole family, Costa’s Family Fun Park, with attractions for everyone to enjoy!

Looking to get the kids out for a day of fun and not sure where to go? Costas’s Family Fun Park has something for everyone. Deanna and the PTN team recently visited Hawley to check out all the activities at Costa’s with help from some of Deanna’s family.

Deanna met up with general manager Lori Philips to find out more about the park and what they have to offer. Lori shared, “It’s a great place for families. If you want to have fun in the Poconos, Costa’s Family Park is where it all starts. Miniature golf is a long-time tradition in the Poconos. We brought in a brand-new miniature golf course when we bought the property. We added bumper boats, water slides, laser tag, virtual reality, gem mining and expanded the go kart track. A lot of fun things have been added and expanded when we came on board. There is something for everyone, from the grandparents to the littlest of kids.” Costa’s offers “dry” activities as well as “water” activities. They are not a full-on water park, but they have four water slides as well as bumper boats.

Lori said, “When you come to Costa’s you have options. You have the choice of purchasing a whole package if you’re planning on spending the day or you can purchase one or two activities. For example, you bring your family up and the little kids want to have a good time, they want to do to everything, so you can buy the wrist band package for them. But maybe grandma and grandpa just want to watch the kids and only want to join in on a mini golf game. We’ll sell you just a mini golf game or just a few activities for the people that only want or do one or two things.”

This is a perfect option for families on a budget looking for affordable summer fun. Those in the group who don’t want to try every activity can still come along and enjoy the day. After trying some activities, Deanna sat with her cousin Doris who has been to Costa’s with her sons and grandsons and asked what has kept them coming back. Doris shared, “I love it because it’s family-oriented, very clean, and there are lots of things to do for the kids at all different ages. Even the adults can have fun. I love driving the go karts.” Doris’s grandson Carter also told Deanna what he loved about coming to Costa’s: “Mini golf, the batting cages and laser tag.”

Deanna and her cousins enjoyed a few more of the activities that Costa’s has to offer, and they all decided that they will definitely be back! Add Costa’s Family Fun Park to your itinerary on your next trip to the Poconos, and you and your family will have a blast.