5:02 min July 03, 2023

An Inside Look at The Lodge at Woodloch Upgrades

Step inside top destination spa resort The Lodge at Woodloch to check out what's new!

The Lodge at Woodloch is one of the top destination spa resorts not only in the country, but the entire world! PTN wanted to provide a look at what's new including room upgrades and offerings at Blackmore Farm right on property.

"Welcome, summer comes early in these tunnels," explained Derrick Braun at Blackmore Farm at The Lodge at Woodloch. "Tomato family in here now, onions, basil tastes good together, grow it together."

"Here we have the cucumber tunnel, so a couple picklers, mostly slicers, a few watermelons for chef scattered about," he added.

"Our Blackmore Farm here has been extremely popular, we’ve been focused on bringing a sustainable element into the kitchens. Focused on good stuff in breeds goodness," said Rory O'Fee, Woodloch's Director of Marketing.

"This is our orchard," said Sam Lindenmuth. "A big hawk coming down right there.. boom. Got something! Apples asian pears, peaches plums cherries, apricots, in between rows, berry bushes as well."

"We have eight acres now that are being cultivated over an orchard and production garden," added O'Fee. "And it resonates with the guests. They want to have farm tours and learn from our farmers You can have a private consultation with our farmer to learn more about the farming we do here and bring that stuff home."

"It's been 5-6 years since we put some effort and energy into our rooms," said O'Fee. "We wanted to brighten them up and we took a bio-phyllic approach where we wanted to bring the beauty and essence of our natural surroundings and bring them into the rooms themselves."

"New wallpaper, decor, furniture/beds. Wallpaper is birch trees, the wood in the chairs is locally sourced. and made by local furniture makers, the ergonomics nature itself tip the scale to a more nature feel," he added.

"Since our inception been getting wonderful notoriety from Condé Nast Traveler, Travel and Leisure, ranking in top ten in the world," said O'Fee. "We’re in exceptional company and very fortunate to be there"