3:56 min February 06, 2023

Barrel and Table at Three Hammers Winery

Learn more about the new food and wine experience with Barrel and Table at Three Hammers Winery,

We all know we can experience a wine tasting at Three Hammers Winery in Hawley, or get a bottle of white or red to take home. Now there's a whole new food-wine experience with a new chef, Barrel and Table, plus in the historic farmhouse there's a place all unto yourself in the Speakeasy.

"We're offering something different for the area. We're using the different farms, we're introducing that into the Three Hammers philosophy," said Executive Chef and Culinary Creative Director Josh Thomson.

Tomson is carving out a name for Barrel and Table at Three Hammers Winery. In the kitchen, Tomson has a knack at combining ingredients to satisfy any tatebuds and now, with the added ingredient of Three Hammers' wine, together they bring out the flavors in each other; a perfect pairing.

"It's more of an experience, you are going to get the wine experience and food experience, it's a collaboration on my behalf and Three Hammers' behalf," he added.

From the looks, smells and tastes of things, Three Hammers and Chef Tomson are onto something. Winemaker Hillary Gary is in her 12th harvest, five vintages with Three Hammers and the addition of Barrel and Table has her beyond excited.

"We have definitely increased wine sales by doing it.," said Gary. "I have not seen anything like it in the area. You see the chef, you see winemaker, and you have them hand in hand, it's a cool experience."

Flights and Bites is one of the ways to experience Barrel and Table. Four courses paired with four wines.

Flights and Bites were only just the first course in this new endeavor at the winery. Globe dining in the cooler months makes for a magical experience for anyone who loves food and wine. PTN's Deanna Fontanez visited recently and posted this to Instagram.

"We are offering globe dining experience, it's a heated globe and offering five courses, someone talks about the wine, I talk about the food and we talk about how we came up with the menu together," said Chef Thomson.

Plus, in the historic farmhouse, the downstairs space is all your for a special speakeasy experience.

"Here we are in the Farmhouse Speakeasy which you are able to rent out for special occasions, any special occasion coming up for you," said Gary.

Just like the food and wine brings out the best in each other, so too do the minds and careful hands crafting them. Just one more way Three Hammers is giving its loyal followers and first-time visitors something to savor.