3:26 min September 04, 2022

Blissful Existence Healing Acres in the Pocono Mountains

Find healing through horses! Learn more about the unique equine therapy offered at Blissful Existence Healing Acres in East Stroudsburg, PA!

PTN’s Brianna Strunk spent the day hanging out with horses, but if this sounds like a horseback riding stable (which the Poconos has plenty of!) - think again.

Like so many others, Susi felt isolated, anxious and frustrated because of the COVID-19 pandemic. She found a remedy, therapy of sorts.

“I never had a horse share with me my situation and be receptive to being a part of helping and relaxing me,” said Susi of Kunkletown.

Adrienne Primrose founded Blissful Existence Healing Acres in 2020, combining her love for horses and holistic wellness. From the quiet, 90-acre property in East Stroudsburg, she offers Equine Gestalt Coaching and meditation sessions in groups or one-on-one, plus workshops and retreats.

“Every client says when they come through the trellis, there is this immediate and overwhelming sense of calm and peace,” said Adrienne Primrose, Gestalt Coach.

Clients can come on a weekly basis, or for a unique one-time experience while visiting the Poconos. You won’t ride or be assigned a horse. Instead, they’ll choose you.

“Clients come in with a trauma of some sort, it really varies by the person. It could be childhood trauma, emotional trauma, physical trauma, childhood abuse, or sexual abuse. We help the client come home into their body, become aware, allow their body to speak, and release that trigger or experience that happened in their life,” Primrose added.

Many of the horses were rescued from their own traumatic situations. The herd of eight includes former racehorses and a wild mustang. “They are very energetic beings. They work very high with the energetic vibrations and can actually feel our energies right here, right now,” Primrose explained.

Today Susi feels calm, confident, connected and complete. “You leave here with a mellow heart. You leave balanced, and you do take that with you,” she explained.

Horses and humans, helping each other to heal.