5:04 min August 07, 2023

Brennan Poole Talks with Pocono Television Network

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Brennan Poole talks with PTN's Brianna Strunk ahead of race weekend 2023 about the Pocono Raceway and visiting the Pocono Mountains!

Q #1: What sparked your love for the sport?

A: “I had a battery powered Corvette as a child that I drove everywhere and my dad needed batteries on standby for. Then my dad’s friend told us about quarter midget racing, which you can start at age five. We went to the track to watch and I remember holding on to the fence and watching the kids race. My dad looked down and asked if this was something I wanted to try, and of course I said yes. When I turned five we got a car, and I’ve been racing ever since.”

Q #2: How fast are you racing on the Tricky Triangle?

A: “Today we’ll get up to 190mph or so. Our average lap time is about 170mph for the whole track, but we slow down to enter the corners. The front stretch is like a mile long. You’re going so fast and it makes for excitement going into Turn 1.”

Q #3: How do you go from reaching those speeds to then going home and driving in a normal car on your local roads?

A: “I know what it’s like to crash going 200mph while wearing all of my safety equipment. I do not want to know what it feels like crashing with just a seatbelt on. I’ve always been safe when driving on the streets. Yet, I am a racer and inherently want to go fast. So, I do have to restrain myself.”

Q #4: What are some of your favorite places to visit in the Poconos?

A: “For starters, there’s a lot of great food up here. A lot of great mom and pop restaurants and bars. It’s hard to just pick one. I’m also a big cyclist and love riding through the mountains because it’s so beautiful, peaceful and quiet.”

Q #5: What do you think about the Pocono Raceway?

A: “This has always been a great track for me, the first time I raced here it just clicked. Usually the more difficult the track is, the better I perform. Then when we go to an easier track or one that’s more simple, I struggle there for whatever reason. The Tricky Triangle has always been good to me."

PTN also spoke with Mike Wilson, President and CEO of Members 1st Federal Credit Union, which sponsored Brennan's #6 race car.

Q: What made Members 1st Federal Credit Union want to sponsor a race car?

A: “I met Brennan on vacation in Costa Rica on Christmas Day. He asked what I do and where I’m from. He informed me he had the speed record at Pocono Raceway. We became friends and kept in touch. With us moving into this market this year, the timing worked out perfectly. I feel everything happens for a reason.”