4:03 min March 04, 2024

Chairlift Chats at Camelback Mountain

Enjoy chatting on the chairlifts at Camelback Resort with PTN's Jim Hamill.

JIM: We are back for some chairlift chats here at Camelback Resort. I've got Molly Coneybeer here with me. She's with the marketing team here. We're about to hit up the Black Bear 6, the newest chairlift here, and it's pretty quick, so we're going have to do more than one chairlift ride.
MOLLY: Yeah, not enough time for a whole conversation, but a quick one.
JIM: Indeed. So let's go hit that up and we'll see you guys at the top.
MOLLY: Let's do it.
JIM: This is Black Bear 6. So this thing's fast. We're almost at the top.
MOLLY: All right, you better hurry up.
JIM: I know this is Chairlift Chats, though. I mean, we can span a couple of other chairlifts here. You guys have plenty and many, many trails here. Camelback Resort is so unique, but you've had so many investments like this chairlift. This provides a lot of comfort. This is a 6-seater here. It's even got a dome over top.
MOLLY: Absolutely. Yeah. It you know, it moves our guests up the mountain faster, which means lift lines. But they might look long sometimes on weekends. It's moving quick because this moves so many people and it's awesome. You know, this is high tech. This is state of the art. And it's something we're so excited to have here.
JIM: Back up the mountain and back down. We'll get on another chairlift to chat a little longer here with Molly Coneybeer, thanks for taking us up Black Bear 6.
MOLLY: This is a sport, something to get you out of the house. And it's just. It's phenomenal. I love it.
JIM: Yeah, I picked it up around high school age. You know, I didn't learn as a young kid, and now my kids are ten and six. I want to get them out here to realize just, you know, what you can do in the winter in the Poconos. It doesn't mean that you just have to kind of be inside on screens. You could be out here on chairlifts, on boards, on skis. And, you know, there's a great kind of like family atmosphere up here, Camelback.
MOLLY: It is. And, you know, you can you can find it a lot of mountains, but Camelback does a good job at it, especially over 60 years in the making here at Camelback. And there's either there's a lot of heart and soul, you know, at this mountain and even for kids, I mean, ten and six years old, you know, if they just stay on some green trails and learn the ropes, just fun to explore. Like look around. You can see little animals. I mean, kids even just like for stuff like that, they don't have to be shredding the moguls down double black. It's just fun to get outside and, you know, especially kids to make some friends.

JIM: Once we were finished chatting with Molly, we wanted to take a little chairlift ride with somebody who enjoys coming back to Camelback each and every year. So Abbey is here with her family for a third year running, and we caught up on the lift with her.

JIM: Abbey, where are you from?
ABBEY: Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania.
JIM: That's on the west side? 
ABBEY: Yes, about an hour away from Pittsburgh.
JIM: You guys have been coming to Camelback for a little while. What do you love about this place?
ABBEY: It's a family place. Yeah, it's so family friendly here. We love that. You can stay right here in the hotel, easily walk to the slopes. We leave our boards and board check. Perfect right there. And then we can also walk to the water park, which our kids love as well.
JIM: That's the that's the idea here about Camelback, right. I have kids ten and six years. Yours is four right?
ABBEY: And one.
JIM: And one?! You got a one year old!
ABBEY: He also snowboard.
JIM: Wow. But there's also, like, this dynamic thing about Camelback that you really can't find a ski resort, right?
ABBEY: No, this is the only one I know of, at least in Pennsylvania, that has skiing and snowboarding. Plus the waterpark.

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