4:16 min September 04, 2022

Explore Hawley, PA | Small Towns of the Pocono Mountains

Get to know the warm and welcoming community of Hawley, PA on the shores of Lake Wallenpaupack in the Poconos!

Hawley is home to many wonderful people who represent organizations and businesses that make this historic town a great place to live, work or visit in any season.

Look for friendly faces from Woodloch Resort, Three Hammers Winery, Costa's Family Fun Park, Lake Region IGA, Settlers Hospitality (The Settlers Inn, Hawley Silk Mill, Ledges Hotel & Silver Birches), Hawley Public Library, Harmony In The Woods, The Hawley Hub, Ritz Company Playhouse, Gresham's Chop House and Downtown Hawley Partnership.

Watch for a longer version of this video soon and plan your next visit to Hawley.

Here they are in their own words:

Brad Kiesendahl - Woodloch Resort

You know the natural waterways just enhance all the beauty that is around us. From the days when my grandfather got things started in 1958 when there wasn’t quite as much here. To today we tried to develop around that sensibly and carefully to enhance the beauty and I think Hawley’s done the same thing.

Jeanne & Grant Genzlinger - Settlers Hospitality Group (Settlers Inn)

We began our history in Hawley really about 44 years ago. We were very fortunate, that we had some good press when we first started especially here at the Settlers Inn so we were able to bring more business into the area. Really a lot of that was about historic buildings adaptive reuse, it added to the ability to really set a sense of place for the community.

Sarah Clauss - Hawley Hub, The Ritz Company Playhouse, Downtown Hawley Partnership

We’ve taken a town that has been a Memorial Day through Labor Day kind of town and turned it into a real yearlong destination for people to come and stay and you have amazing art programs. We have our different festivals throughout the year. Both breweries that we have in town. Wineries, we have this building, we have Harmony in the Woods, we have the railbikes, a lot of shops came in.

Lori Phillips - Costa's Family Fun Park/Ski Big Bear at Masthope Mountain

Hawley is great for families that’s what I love about it. You can feel it’s up and coming and it’s energetic from doing antiques to coming out to Costa’s. You add in the everyday things like farmers markets and it’s a really a well-rounded place for people to visit and to live.

Mary Guccini - Hawley Public Library

I met my husband when we were working in DC and we knew we wanted to raise our kids in a smaller town. This kind of encompasses everything that we really wanted. The small-town network, the not a lot of traffic and the school district is great.

Jim Shook - Lake Region IGA

It’s great to see a lot of the younger generation, the next step behind me, that are doing buildings and businesses in this area that you haven’t seen before and they’re creating different avenues to attract different types of tourism and it’s great. I agree also with the rails and the trails and bringing people in using the train system. There’s a lot of nature in this area and you can do anything here year round.

Joe Regenski - Chamber of the Northern Poconos & Gresham's Chop House

It’s a very economical vacation for many. For people to drive up to here from Philly, from Delaware, from New York City, New Jersey, this is an easy one and it’s to our advantage to keep it going here.

Sarah Schaeffer - Three Hammers Winery/Lake Art

Here working at the winery, I found people from all over the United States are now visiting Hawley, Pennsylvania which is very interesting but it’s also really cool because you get to talk to all those people. You get to learn their walks of life, get to learn where they come from. So it adds a lot of diversity to our community.

Jill Carletti - Harmony in the Woods

We have a group from Columbia that was nominated for a Latin Grammy and to see their lineup, their tour lineup, is hilarious because it’ s New York, Philadelphia, Hawley, Washington, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, you know. And Hawley is right in there. It kind of puts Hawley on the map.