4:20 min February 05, 2024

Frozen Waterfall Winter Hikes in the Poconos

Go on a frozen waterfall tour in the Pocono Mountains with Pocono Television Network!

Looking to get outdoors and experience nature, see some spectacular views, and have even the most popular trails in the Pocono Mountains all to yourself? Consider taking a hike in the wintertime.

PTN’s Brianna Strunk is on the hunt for frozen waterfalls in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, beginning at Lower Hornbecks Creek Trail.

“It’s about a mile hike, and a relatively easy trail with not much elevation gain or loss. There are beautiful views of Hornbecks Creek, and a gorgeous hemlock ravine. The trail is family-friendly with a few cool bridges that cross back and forth over the stream,” said Jodie Grier, park ranger.

In fact, many of those bridges were made from downed trees repurposed after a devastating storm back in 2018, which left the trail closed for several years.

Experts have some tips for hiking in the wintertime.

“Come prepared for the elements and know that when you start the hike, the elements might not be the same by the end of the hike. It’s snowing right now, but it might not have been snowing when you first started. Check the weather before you go out, as hypothermia is always something to be aware of. Once you start sweating, your body is going to naturally cool down. So, have enough layers, but not too many. You want traction devices on your shoes, especially if there’s snow and ice, because the trails can be slippery,” Grier added.

Once we made it to the falls, they weren’t completely frozen, but equally as beautiful. Next, we continued our winter hike tour about 15 minutes away, at Pennsylvania’s tallest waterfall.

After a short hike, we arrived to breathtaking sights of Raymondskill Falls.

“Raymondskill Falls is 165 feet tall. The great part about this waterfall, as we just experienced, is that it’s just a short hike to get to this amazing destination,” smiled Kathleen Sandt, park spokesperson.

Visit the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area’s website for information about these and other trails, as well as important safety and travel updates throughout the year.