4:38 min June 03, 2024

Girls Golf Getaway at Skytop Lodge in the Poconos

Get ready to tee it up at Skytop Lodge with ideas for a girls golf getaway!

Outdoor activities in the Poconos are on a level of their own, but golfing in the Poconos, that's a different story. Deanna and the PTN team visited Skytop Lodge to give you some ideas for a girls golf getaway.

Deanna met with Skytop's Head Golf Professional, Justin Alunni, to talk about the course and who can play there. Justin shared, "The golf course is available for all skill levels. It was built in 1928, and it's a classic old school golf course. We have a lot of different beautiful views, and it's really playable for all golfers alike."  While out on the course, golfers will get to enjoy breathtaking views of the lodge, the lake and the mountains. Justin mentioned, "The golf course is not a very up and down golf course, it's gently rolling hills. A lot of people think Pocono golf is very hilly, but not here at Skytop since we're on the mountain. You have a lot more views and you have a lot less up and down shots."

After learning some history about the course, Deanna had the opportunity to meet up and golf with two amazing ladies, Leslie Roy and Faith Brooks, who frequently golf at Skytop. While on the course, Deanna asked both Leslie and Faith what got them into golf, as the sport has typically been a male sport, but nowadays more and more ladies are getting into it. Faith said, "My husband started about five years ago, and I joined him a year later just for fun, as something to do with him." Leslie answered, " I started when I was 10 because I grew up in a golfing family and that's what my parents did all the time."

Faith shared that she loves playing at Skytop because it's a beautiful course and offers both a challenge and some easy holes. Leslie added that they are trying to get more women out golfing and learning to golf because so many of the men are already playing. Deanna had a blast on the course with the ladies. They showed her the ropes while giving her some tips and tricks. Leslie’s advice was: "Just keep coming and playing. It's a fun game, and you can always get better.” Faith shared, "Keep practicing and just golf for fun."

After some fun on the green, Deanna headed inside the lodge to talk to Christy Ranallo, Sales and Marketing Director of Skytop Lodge. Deanna asked Christy, "If someone was planning a girls golf getaway, what other activities do you offer besides golf?" Christy responded, "There's a couple different things. If you are looking to stay overnight, you have the tree top adventure course, you have kayaks and boat rentals included, indoor/outdoor pool, shooting center and new pickleball courts, just to name a few. There is a lot of stuff for girls to stay out and stay busy."

She also mentioned, "We are not only known for our summer activities, but we are also a four-season resort. During the winter months, we offer tubing, beginner skiing, and ice fishing, and a lot of our other activities that are open in the summer are also open in the winter." Some of the activities offered at the resort are strictly for guests staying overnight while others are open to the public and guests stopping by for the day. The many private hiking trails throughout the property with stunning views are exclusively available to overnight guests and owners. Getting to explore the 5,500 acres is worth spending the night.

Christy gave us some history about the lodge and shared that Skytop is celebrating their 96th anniversary and continues to grow and evolve. Skytop is a AAA four diamond resort and recently received and won their 8th four diamond award. They also brought home the prestigious honor of Best Historic Hotel in America.

After an amazing day of golfing and exploring the property, Deanna and the team decided they will be back to Skytop Lodge for another visit! It’s the perfect place to enjoy a girls golf getaway and to make memories with your friends you'll have for a lifetime.