5:28 min June 03, 2024

Golf in the Poconos: Shawnee Golf Resort and Terra Greens Golf Course

Hit the links with the PTN team at Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort and Terra Greens Golf Course.

Hey, everyone, it's Jim Hamill with Pocono Television Network. And we're standing on what used to be part of the temporary bridge here over the Delaware River at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort. Well, since then, it's been replaced by a permanent bridge. Shawnee has invested on a bridge that's going to last for a very long time, opening up the entire course year round to golfers. So we want to show you some of the exciting things happening at golf courses right here in the Poconos. Let's start with that bridge.

JIM: All right, guys, we're here at number seven on the blue course here at Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort Head Golf Pro Nick Lussier here joining us here again. We did this hole a couple of years ago, Nick, but the layout has changed a little bit. The old temporary bridge right here. Now, we got a new one.

NICK: Yeah, we got a new one. Bigger double lane. We're very excited about it. Ownership, very proud of it. We're proud of the employees just to have it. This gives us a great opportunity to be open year round for the golf. I think that's you know, that's a plus for the Poconos in general. So we're excited to be open year round for that. And here we are ready to tee off again.

"It's kind of crazy to fall in love with an inanimate object. but i'm in love with that bridge," said owner Charlie Kirkwood.

Shawnee dedicated the new bridge over the river as the owners touted the investment as something that was in the works for a long, long time.

"I feel like this is a dream come true.. it was the dream for 100 years to have a bridge that wouldn't have to come in and out, and provide for a much longer golf season," said Ginny Kirkwood.

A timelapse shows the old bridge needing to be installed and uninstalled each spring and fall. But now, the new bridge is in place letting golfers cross onto the island part of the course consistently.

"The gap between seasonal and permanent the gap between temporary and here to stay," said Jonathan Kirkwood.

JIM: Nice SHOT, Brian Zukawski here at Terra Greens. This place has been open for quite a long time. Thanks for having us here on Pocono Mountains Magazine. Now you guys are reborn in a way under a nonprofit trying to save this course from closure. Tell me why you guys are open for all these golfers.

BRIAN: So the borough of East Stroudsburg, decided to close the golf course the beginning of last year. A nonprofit was created in March, and they finally allowed us to come in and start mowing and end of June, which the fairway seed heads were this high, the greens were this high. But we finally got the lease and of October we opened up for a month, the end of last year, and then we opened up to share for the season. ---- But we're excited to play with you.

JIM: Tell me about your family history here. So my father, my two uncles and my grandmother built the course themselves, basically little help here and there. But of course, they started building probably in 1959 and finished the course and opened in 1964. I've been here basically all my life through that build.

JIM: Right. Brian, thanks for having us here at Terra Greens. Where can people find out more about the course?

BRIAN: You can find more about the course at on Facebook. Friends of Terra Greens golf course. Sounds like a plan, man. Thanks for having us here. In fact, so much appreciate you guys coming out. Thank you.

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Jim Hamill for the PTN.