4:36 min October 02, 2023

Historic Forest Hall in Downtown Milford

Art has a new home in Milford at Forest Hall, which also houses shops like Milford Wine & Cheese Co.

Milford has so many different spots for you to check out especially historic Forest Hall. Not only does it have history, it has a lot of cool shops and even an art gallery with some internationally renowned artists to check out.

"We tried to tie in the history with culture, Milford has a good arts background a good arts scene, felt like its was a good fit," said Steve Rosado with Milford Hospitality Group.

Building on the success of its other properties in town, Milford Hospitality Group has elevated the experience for this historic property, ornate in many ways but in many ways a blank canvas for the Forest Hall Studios exhibits now and in the future.

"Their vision here is to bring international talents, regional talents and incubator with rising stars of the industry, the first was Shadows, Hunt Slonem is the international star," added Rosado.

Steve Rosado tapped curators Christopher Makos and Paul Salburg to adorn this space with art, paintings and sculptures and more all on two upper levels of Forest Hall. All free to the public.

This bluestone exterior, slate-roofed gem is a sister to the historic Grey Towers, also commissioned by the Pinchot family at the turn of the 20th century, first used for summer classes for the Yale School of Forestry and now, works of art.

"This is just one more added experience for people, history of the building that they’re going to be attracted to, and then it’s also tying in the deep rooted arts through the town," said Rosado.

And downstairs at Forest Hall, shops of all kinds line the block even the perfect spot for a trim.
And new in Milford, Three Hammers Winery’s Milford Wine & Cheese Co., a perfect pairing for what’s upstairs in the art galleries.

"We’re super excited to be down here in Milford too, there’s so many unique shops, so many different people coming through Milford historic, has a story behind it," said Sarah Schaeffer with Milford Wine & Cheese Co.

The shop has samples, Three Hammers wines to pair with cheese from all over the world in a beautiful space in the heart of Milford’s historic district and directly below a true-to-form art gallery with rotating exhibits.

"They’ve invited us to serve some wine for art shows," added Schaeffer. "There are cool artists coming in, their work is incredible. Not only the space is beautiful, the art too and the people you meet, really awesome."

"It’s like a small renaissance in town. It pairs well. People can have some wine tasting, check out some art and make a whole weekend out of it," added Rosado.

During this particular exhibit, 120 pieces are on the wall 40 bunnies by artist Hunt Slonem known worldwide and available on display here in Milford at Forest Hall.

"Internationally known artists in such a historic building in a beautiful town that borders the national recreation area," said Rosado.

To learn more about the art and artists at Forest Hall head to and be sure to visit to pair wine and cheese as well as history and art.