5:27 min January 08, 2024

Inside Paradise Stream Resort in the Poconos

Take a tour of Paradise Stream Resort during part two of three in the series on the Land of Love!

It's Jim Hamill again and in November on Pocono Mountains Magazine we showcased Cove Haven, the original Land of Love and here in Mount Pocono is Paradise Stream, another Cove Pocono property that is worth checking out because couples have been coming here for years and still love to do so right here in the Poconos.
JIM: We're inside the recently renovated lobby here at Paradise Stream and we want to bring Lindsay Williams back as our tour guide the last time. Thanks for having us again.
LINDSAY: thank you so much for visiting again Jim! 
absolutely so this little little bit different from Cove Haven or even Pocono Palace, Tell us about Paradise Stream and where we should head first?
LINDSAY: Paradise Stream is an intimate small resort and we do have a lake and Spooners all the good amenities so here we have we're going to visit Spooners and the game room also the indoor pool Also should try out the spa maybe maybe gift shop as well.
JIM: all right and then there's a nightclub too.
LINDSAY: yes yes yes we'll visit the nightclub and we'll get some top tier drinks.
JIM: all right lead the way we'll go check it out. Thanks so much.
JIM: Lindsay we're here at Paradise Stream. We wanted to check out Spooners, which has great food and drink just like your two properties.
LINDSAY: Spooners is a great place to stop when you first get here for a quick drink, a little appetizer, and then you can head into the game room.
JIM: so a lot of games here and this is just one way to kinda like get people meeting each other and also kind of spending time together sharing food and drink.
LINDSAY: our CXO (Chief Excitement Officer) come in here they do crafting activities and games win prizes. It's super fun!
JIM: we got some nachos delicious looking pretzel and all by the one for the fire.
LINDSAY: Yes it's perfect.

PTN caught up with Dana and Marco, and Marco's seeing eye dog, Domino. It was their first time at Paradise Stream. They hail from Albany, New York and saw a chance for a romantic getaway for Marco's birthday.
"I think I really like it come back again , the staff has been very accommodating very nice. The food has been excellent and the activities that they offer are very fine and they have something to do every day pretty much every hour," said Dana Gallo.

"Oh yeah, I love the hot tub and indoor pool we have in the room and we got that's my favorite that's my favorite," said Marco Gallo.

Paradise Stream features a lakeside chalet, cozy and romantic with balconies overlooking the pond. And if you really want to up the ante...

LINDSAY: welcome to the Diana Oasis.
JIM: Diana's got a pretty nice place. 
LINDSAY: This is a beautiful suite. This one is actually set up with a sweet seduction package. there's flower, petals bubble bath and a champagne toast.
JIM: so this place is not only has the Jacuzzi is hard it's got this wonderful king size round bed here for couples, but also it's on plunge pool with a fireplace.
LINDSAY: This is the best part of the suite the plunge pool near the fireplace you can spend your time in there for sure so this is where couples wanna have just the elevated experience where they have different areas within their own accommodations here to just try different things and enjoy their time together here as lovers.
LINDSAY: definitely you can spend a whole day just in the suite.
JIM: I'm really enjoying our time here at Paradise Stream thanks again.
LINDSAY: Oh no problem.

Paradise Stream is all-inclusive, adults-only perfect for a romantic stay with private indoor pools, fireplaces, signature heart-shaped tubs, "champagne glass" whirlpool baths, and even a gift shop.. where you can pick up something for your Valentine..

And if you want to experience the Poconos around it, Mount Airy Casino Resort is very close by and so are Pocono Premium Outlets and plenty of other true Pocono experiences. And then there's so much always waiting for you back at Paradise Stream.

JIM: alright so after all that at paradise stream now we are moving into a little nighttime out here at the nightclub, Lindsay what do we have in front of us aside from a bar that changes color.
LINDSAY: the coolest bar we have our special, old-fashioned bacon amazing Blue martini and our signature drink the passion potion.
JIM: The passion potion that is a tall drink right there folks and especially when you can enjoy a lot of entertainment here too.
LINDSAY: We had Chris Kattan here over the summer. We have lots of headline bands comedians always something fun in the nightclub.
JIM: and the nightclub has that mystique to it it's very period.. But also like very trendy in a lot of ways too because what's old is new again.
LINDSAY:  It has a little bit of a retro, but also a modern edge to it.
JIM: I love the modern edge with a retro feel to let's cheers to another great time here at paradise stream. Enjoy.

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