2:11 min June 03, 2024

Lacawac Sanctuary Update

Learn what's new at Lacawac Sanctuary in the Pocono Mountains!

Now for an update on a story we shared with you back in October of 2022 at Lacawac Sanctuary, Field Station and Environmental Education Center.

"Really, the three things are our mission, which is research, and then we do education programs," said Lacawac Executive Director Craig Lukatch then. "So we have an education center, third parties preservation, and that's basically preserving the 550 acres."

"Wow. This is Lacawac's dream," said Lukatch in May 2024. "To have adequate space to host education programs for K-12 students, and the public has finally come to fruition. Today, we gather to officially open the new education center. Besides these renovations, Lacawac created plans to construct a new 3000 square foot addition to the center, which you are currently sitting or standing in."


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"And I think that this will be a tremendous asset to the community. And my wish is that more people will come, more people will appreciate it and enjoy it and benefit from it, and then in their lives, take that home with them. On every level. We need businesses and local government and state and federal government to consider the environment. It is the single greatest thing we can do for our kids and our grandchildren," said Wayne County Commissioner Jocelyn Cramer.

"Construction on this building began in July of last year, and construction was completed by the end of March. The addition connects to the existing building by the deck that you came through and the lower level below us houses, storage and a wetland for all ages to learn about ecology and hands on activities, modern equipment and up to date resources," added Lukatch.

We first told you about the plans to expand the Environmental Education Center at Lacawac. Thanks to donations from the William E. Chatlos Foundation, the Environmental Education Center is now named in his honor.

"People say you must be proud of these achievements. And I say, Now, Bill and I are thankful. We're thankful to have the opportunity to be able to help as much as we can," said Milt Roegner with the Chatlos Foundation.

Also, money from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources helped make this a reality. Congratulations to Lacawac Sanctuary.