3:50 min December 04, 2022

Snowmen of Stroudsburg

Discover the frosty new snowman designs that can be found throughout the streets of Stroudsburg this winter!

Thirty-seven life-size sculptures, each designed by a local artist, are spread around the Stroudsburg area through February 25, 2023. An organization named Go Collaborative created the Snowmen of Stroudsburg five years ago to bring together artists, businesses, places of worship, local residents, and tourists.

“The creative part just keeps blossoming and getting bigger and bigger,” said Jim Evanisko, Go Collaborative president.

The fleet includes beloved snowmen returning from past years plus ten new designs, including "Holiday Humbug" by Kyle Maloney. The insect was brought to life using plastic poly pipe, pool noodles, spray foam, and a bottle of Captain Morgan Cannon Blast for the ornament inside its mouth, which illuminates thanks to a hidden solar panel.

“I didn’t know what it was going to look like while building it because I’ve only seen it flat. At one point I hooked my excavator up to it and dragged it up next to my building to see the perspective, but to see it here is great,” said Maloney.

In May 2022, Kyle's original steampunk-inspired snowman named “Cogswell” sold at auction for $1,500 dollars. During that auction, held to raise funds for the artists, 12 snowmen were purchased by a mix of local businesses and private residents. Many of those sculptures are also on display this season at their new homes.

“I think they're beautiful. Everyone has to come down and enjoy the snowmen,” said Bob Riley, local realtor.

Ten businesses in downtown Stroudsburg are stocked with maps showing the locations of snowmen. Take selfies with all ten new snowmen plus five returning ones, then stop back into the business to take home a tote bag with any purchase. Pocono Soap is one of the businesses with maps. There, you can buy a special soap bar created as a fundraiser for the Snowmen of Stroudsburg.

“The Snowmen of Stroudsburg are a big deal for our town. It has become a tradition for families and brings them down during the week when it would normally be slow. We are grateful to Go Collaborative for creating this for us,” said Amanda Beam of Pocono Soap.

Vote online at to help the top three artists secure cash prizes. The snowmen relocate several times throughout the season, weather permitting.