2:54 min February 06, 2023

Spas in the Poconos

Find relaxation and renewal at renowned spa and wellness facilities in the peaceful Pocono Mountains.

The Lodge at Woodloch offers top-of-the-line cuisine, luxurious rooms, mind and body experiences, and massage and spa services you'd expect at any high-end resorts around the world. After spending some time in the sauna, you come to the Snow Room. This is the first of its kind on the East Coast. You wear sandals and breathe in cool air. The holistic method of temperature changing brings your body back into balance. It's an exhilarating experience that leaves you feeling totally relaxed. After your therapy, continue your spa service in one of the post-treatment relaxation rooms where you can enjoy the lasting benefits of the Snow Room.

The French Manor Inn & Spa is an inviting place to visit if you want to have a girls getaway weekend or enjoy a romantic, delicious meal. If you've never had a warm bamboo massage, today is the day. It helps relax and detoxify muscles in your body. The French Manor has an amazing saltwater pool. The beautiful setting doesn't smell of chlorine since the salt naturally cleanses the water. And, the salt water is excellent for making your skin soft while you enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool.