4:51 min December 04, 2023

Splinters' Hatchet & Axe Throwing in Swiftwater, PA

Try something new this winter: enjoy a fun indoor adventure at Splinters’ Hatchet & Axe Throwing!

Why stay cooped up in your house during the colder months of the year? When the temperatures drop outside, it’s time to start looking for a fun indoor activity for you and your family or a group of friends to enjoy inside. Whether you’re seeking a new hobby or just want to try something different, we have the perfect activity for you. Pocono Television recently visited Splinters’ Hatchet and Axe Throwing, located on Route 611 in Swiftwater.

Splinters’ offers different options for anyone and everyone, with throwing lanes that can accommodate up to six people, two-lane stalls to accommodate up to 12 people, or a private event room with three throwing lanes to accommodate up to 30 people. You can rent whatever works best for you and your party.

This activity is perfect for a fun night out or any special occasion like birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or corporate events.

Make a pit stop at one of the many great restaurants nearby and pick up a bite to eat or some to-go drinks to bring along with you for your night out: Splinters’ is a BYOB and BYOF facility.

Ages 12 and up can participate in axe throwing, and ages 8 and up can spectate. All guests must wear closed toed shoes, but other than that, it’s an activity anyone can try. Owner Shane Waters says, “It’s all about technique. It’s not about strength. Everyone is an equal when they step up to the line.”

Once you’re checked in and you’re at the lane, the Splinters’ team will guide you through all the rules and provide tips regarding how to throw each axe. You can throw one handed or two-handed, whichever way feels more comfortable for you. Staff will also explain the different types of games you can play to keep score. Some friendly competition is always fun!

We got the chance to jump in and try axe throwing for ourselves. There is a learning curve, and you won’t stick it to the target every time, but it is so fun to keep trying. You won’t want to stop: we definitely want to go back!

We also got to try throwing in Splinters’ mobile unit, and that was just as fun. The mobile unit is offered for private events and shows up at select local fairs and carnivals. If you can’t make it into the facility in Swiftwater, keep an eye out for axe throwing that comes to you! Splinters’ also offers gift certificates, a great gift idea for the holidays or any special occasion.

Plan to stop by Splinters’ Hatchet and Axe Throwing for a fun evening during your next Pocono Mountains adventure!