3:41 min February 06, 2023

The Art Factory at White Mills

Meet the owners of The Art Factory of White Mills to learn about this historic property and the local arts scene.

Just meet Jerry Davis and his wife Cindy at their Art Factory of White Mills and you'll soon learn how much they love art and love sharing it with others.

The historic building is home to workshops for all ability levels and around every corner is a new find, a different take on artistic expression. The Davises who have owned the Art Factory for a dozen years wouldn't have it any other way.

"We're very passionate about it. This is our life. From May - December we're open 7 days a week from 10-5 and it's Jerry and I that run the gallery so we're here 7 days a week," said Cindy Davis.

During winter, The Art Factory of White Mills closes on Wednesdays but every other day of the week is another chance to appreciate a different artist, a different medium and soak in all the history inside this former textile factory now filled with works of art.

"The building is 110 years old, it was a meeting hall back when it was created," said Jerry Davis. "From what we know they had rollerskating upstairs, and basketball games and sock hop dancing and public theater downstairs."

From meeting hall to garment factory and now art hub for art lovers, all while the art scene keeps growing in neighboring Honesdale and Hawley, the Art Factory is in the middle of it all.

"While the artist is waiting to sell their art and we offer classes in their genre, we offer acrylic painting, print making. What am I forgetting? Oh I'm sorry," laughed Cindy.

Jerry and Cindy were chuckling because Jerry's stained glass is inside the factory too. His passion for it shines and the couple strives to make sure people take notice and stop in to appreciate all the art and the community they have built here.

"We meet and greet everybody. This is a mom and pop business," said Cindy. "I think it reflects this. We strike up a conversation, we try to guide you and try to tell artist's story for them. We hope you leave saying it was a really great experience."

Find your Art Factory experience in person or follow them on social media (@theartfactoryofwhitemills).