3:41 min January 08, 2024

The History of "Pocono Vacationland"

Learn about the 1930s vintage map of the Poconos shared by the Greene-Dreher Historical Society!

For well over a century the Pocono Mountains has been a destination for so many people looking to get away from it all and so now there is a new map from the Greene-Dreher Historical Society that is, well, not so new. It is about 100 years old this is helping to raise money for the historical society, but also showing that place like Silver Birches here at Lake Wallenpaupack started way back when as a boarding house, and now has grown into the juggernaut of hospitality that it is.

It's a busy day for the Greene-Dreher Historical Society near Newfoundland, an appreciation lunch for the volunteers, all of these folks, committed to keep history of this region alive. One way is with a poster of this map for sale called Vacationland, a blast from the past which lets people see the lay of the land a century ago.

"We want them to make a connection a connection of the 20 Century nearly 100 years ago. Vacationland began here and Wayne Pike and all the other surrounding counties and we want them to see that that has come full circle," said Ellen Drake.

Diane Smith had a lot to do with the map's reproduction. A vintage map of the greater Lake Wallenpaupack region showing resorts, sports and amusements.

"Well I had this old tattered map discolored with age and I showed it to the board and everyone went wow this is so cool so with their support I scanned it high resolution, so would keep it crispness and clarity and down to work to make it a little bit prettier colored in all the letters in the water," said Smith.

Diane pointed out some of the unique features of the map, the White Beauty of old, the original Silver Birches and so much more.

"But I really like the way they advertise themselves a little phrases, modern conveniences and farm to table products grown on our own farm," she added.

Yes, the original boarding houses in the Pocono Mountains touted their farm-to-table offerings. Sound familiar?

"Of course that was a secondary income back in the day where the poster just depicts the boarding houses because farming was the primary income source where today and breakfast and Airbnb can be in pretty much primary if they can make it happen," said Bernadine Lennon.

"We have an image of the early silver birches, and what it started out as simply an enlarged home on the bed on the banks of blue lake and beautiful," said Smith.

The map, hand drawn by William Bumbula, described as "three hours in your own car from Manhattan to the mountains," the map is now enlarged a bit and sells for $18 to support the Greene-Dreher Historical Society.

"In my estimation we started out small, small resorts, family homes, becoming boarding houses, and here we are with vacation people looking for the same experience that experience of being at home something small, something family oriented and we can give that to them and we can give them the history here," said Drake.

To get your copy, go to, stop by the Greentown Agway or the historical society museum at Peggy Bancroft Hall along Route 191 during open hours and keep a bit of history with a very relevant story of this vacation destination today.