4:00 min November 06, 2023

The Northern Poconos Mobile Farm Market

The Northern Poconos Mobile Farm Market is bringing fresh food and produce to Wayne County.

There is a new initiative from The Cooperage Project, the Northern Poconos Mobile Farm Market. Laurel Burns is the Food and Market Manager and she's taking farm fresh produce to people throughout the community, across Wayne County and soon beyond bringing this great product to you, where you live.

The mobile market has only just embarked on its journey to bring locally-grown, locally produced food to people in the Northern Poconos and already it is making an impact.

"The seniors are so excited," said Burns. "They enjoy coming out to see what we have. Now that we're four five months into it, nice to put names to faces, they're excited for it."

Laurel Burns is the driving force, along with state grants and the Cooperage Project partners in this mobile market on wheels, crisscrossing the Pocono roads with a full menu of items. Some of those items are Agrolegacy of the Northern Poconos, meaning grown or made right here.

"We have an assortment of greens, broccoli rabe, bok choi, peppers holding on, tail end of tomatoes, herbs, we have root vegetables, radishes, turnips, carrots and addition to vegetables we have dairy and eggs," added Burns.

And all this is not just geared toward seniors, but anyone who is in the neighborhood or whenever the mobile market is in the neighborhood.

"We're open to the public anybody can shop with us, tourist, resident doesn't matter. We're available when normal farm markets are not."

On this day in Hawley, a few new customers stopped by and grabbed some necessary ingredients for seasonal favorites.

"It's nice really is, today I got a fresh tomato, probably be my last tomato for a sandwich. Everything is fresh, I love it," said Lucy Malone of Hawley.

Not only do the customers get healthy, nutritious farm products, but the farmers themselves get to make another connection with folks they wouldn't be able to otherwise.

"It does help the farmer, it gives them another outlet, another way to sell their goods. And it also bridges that gap and interaction with the people," said Burns.

As if that wasn't enough, the Northern Poconos Mobile Farm Market will be rolling through different spots on the map in Wayne County throughout all four seasons.

"The cows and chickens don't stop.. they make milk and lay eggs all year round," added Burns. "Our intention all year round. We'll have milk, butter and eggs and cheese. Bialecki Farms grows in tunnels, hydroponically they produce greens and vegetables all year round."

From Honesdale to Newfoundland, Hawley to Lake Como, eventually shifting gears and adding Pike County locations as well, Burns and the mobile farm market are just getting started delivering accessible, affordable locally-grown farm products, making a connection that some of us take for granted.

"They can't get anywhere because they're in wheel chairs, can't drive.. this is very good for them.. very nice," added Lucy Malone.

To find out when the Nothern Poconos Mobile Farm Market is coming through your neck of the Pocono woods, head to and follow them on social. And be sure to load up and lighten the load on Laurel's return trip so she can bring more of this the next time.