6:49 min November 06, 2023

The Stabin Museum & Cafe Arielle in Jim Thorpe, PA

Step inside the gallery and cafe at The Stabin Museum in Jim Thorpe, PA with artist Victor Stabin!

We are going to show you a different side of Jim Thorpe, the Stabin Museum on West Broadway is amazing and has its own cafe, art gallery and so much more.

"I came to Jim Thorpe when I switched gears between the two careers," said artist Victor Stabin.

Lucky for Jim Thorpe, Stabin found the 16,000 square foot factory, once used to make wire-rope for the Brooklyn Bridge, now an eclectic space for Stabin's art and his studio.

"Every time i walk into this room I pinch myself," said Stabin. "Having space helps with your creativity.. lower overhead helps with creativity." 

Stabin's found his home here on West Broadway.. By day, retooling this historic building and by night and late night, manifesting works like: Pearls Before Slime in his studio.

"I'll show you my easel first, it goes up and down and turns around, makes it easy to get all over the canvas without bending down and steps," he explained.

Stabin's work speaks for itself. There's the Kiss album cover from 1980 and the ABC book for the ages..Daedal Doodle, derived from the dictionary's most obscure words and depicted in the way Stabin's artistic mind conjures them.

"I went from painting, to making this ABC book, back to painting, this building then so many people came in and saw characters in ABC book," he said. "I'm not a writer, but enough people throw peanuts at you, you're an elephant." 

The museum is expansive with rooms full of Stabin's work and quirk and then, discoveries behind every wall.

"I didn't have a doorway.. this secret shelf from studio into rest of the building," Stabin showed us. "When I moved upstairs, this room became initially a gallery space, 15 minutes after gallery space, my daughter gave a concert, sold this place out and decided to have a jazz venue."

Not only is jazz a mainstay here at the Stabin Museum but so are the culinary arts, a fine pairing with Stabin's wife, Joan Morykin, and the creative mind of Chef John.

"Victor and I have an incredible synergy with aesthetic, artwork. Nothing he puts in this space he's not proud of.. from doors to railing, to art gallery. For me i find it to be an incredible experience to create dishes with incredible kitchen staff," she explained.

Nearly two decades in, Victor and Joan have poured their lives into making this historic property work. Right down to the stools Sabin is sitting on o the glass viewing box over the creek that goes directly under the cafe!

"We bought the building - it was a complete and udder disaster, it had been factories, last one was a toy factory - shuttered in 1999," said Joan. "I work on the building during the day, head of construction, i make certain things and work with talented people," added Victor.

The Stabin Museum even has its own neighborhood electric vehicle - or NEV to transport visitors from downtown Jim Thorpe right to the museum's doorsteps.

"We recently got a NEV fancy name for sporty electric golf cart, providing a free shuttle to people to get ride to museum and restaurant happy to pick up completely free," he said. "We're the only museum who has one.. probably in the world. And if you're out there and I offended you, call me up."

Victor Stabin is very big on Jim Thorpe's bonafides and how all this he's created with his family and confidantes, tits into the bigger picture or, shall we say, the broader brush strokes..

"Tourism has come back to Jim Thorpe, it's most substantial revenue in town. We're part of it. When you come to Jim Thorpe, there's a lot of great places to eat. There's the geography of it, whitewater rafting, hiking biking, river, but only one museum like this," he said.

The Stabin Museum - Cafe Arielle - and Vic's Jazz Loft, a must-visit when in Jim Thorpe where the artist intends to spend the rest of his days..

"I know I'm dying in Jim Thorpe.. if that counts for anything?" Stabin said.