6:20 min December 04, 2023

Then & Now: Inside Cove Haven Resort in the Pocono Mountains

Tour the original Cove Haven Resort with Pocono Television Network | Part 1 of 3

Hi everyone it's Jim Hamill at the iconic Cove Haven in Lakeville. This is one of three Cove Pocono Resorts in the Pocono Mountains considered the Land of Love. Over the next couple months we'll be talking about each of the properties as we lead up to the Month of Love, February. First we're starting with Cove started 65 years ago with Morris Wilkins here in the Poconos.

“We are very fortunate to have Lindsey Williams with Cove Pocono Resorts giving us a tour of Cove Haven here. Thanks for having us,” said Jim.

“Thank you so much,” said Williams. “We are so excited to have you and PTN here.”

“This is one of those spots,” said Jim. “This has so many unique pieces especially the champagne tower.” 

“Let me give you a look around,” Williams said. “We have the suite decorated. If you were coming for a honeymoon or special anniversary. We have fire roaring and champagne toast set up for you. Champagne, fire roaring, and iconic champagne tower. 7 foot tall!” 

Cove Haven set the wheels in motion for an industry built on love and lovers, honeymoons and heart shaped tubs. Brianna Strunk did a deep dive on that history so be sure to check out her segment.

“We’ve been a resort since 1958 when Morris Wilkins and his partner bought the property right on Lake Wallenpaupack,” said Williams. “Up a small staircase, over to our right we have a heart shaped pool. Personal pool, it's warm, perfect spot to unwind and relax after a day in the Land of Love.” 

There's a massage room and dry sauna too. But wait, there's more upstairs! Remodeled bathrooms.

“Come on through so we can show folks the perspective from up high,” said Jim. “This champagne tower you can get right here at the sip level with all these bubbles here with jets run, have candles lit, romantic music and spend that special time with a loved one. It is one of the most unique hotel experiences you can have.” 

In the bedroom a twinkling light ceiling and king size round bed.

“We want to be a part of your love story,” said Williams. “We want to make it a special event for you and your partner.” 

“I know after a long day, you get kinda hungry,” said Williams. “Let's go visit chef in Cupid's Corner.” 

“Fill up on great food. Here we have a lamb shank and seafood fra diavalo,” added Williams.

“It smells amazing, we're going to dive in here,” said Jim. “Not only can you get a great bite to eat at Cove Haven, you can get live entertainment. There's live entertainment every night, you can get a drink at Cupid's Bar, or two or three.” 

“This has been an amazing day so far for right now, a margarita flight. Cheers!” 

Activities are a big part of Cove Haven or any Cove property. Couples playing games with other couples, Dave and Hannah from the Philly area are first timers encouraged by Dave's parents who visited a decade or more ago!

“We couldn't ask for a better time to com,” said the couple. “We've had so much fun. We weren't sure what to expect, this is beyond. We might not leave.” 

They're celebrating their anniversary and found exactly the right spot to do it.

“The room we walked in we're like, this is not real. The room is really nice, everything is centered around enjoying each other's company.” 

Another couple that found Cove Haven, Margaret and Corey from Los Angeles turned their love for the Land of Love into a huge social following. A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour was born or conceived at Cove Haven back in 2018. Now the couple has a calendar out and a book!

“We went to Cove Haven in 2018, we ended up extending the night,” said Margaret. “I was freaking out. Everything we saw and discovered, didn't know it existed.” 

Since then they've posed and posed some more, gaining followers but also, turning so many of those followers onto the special stuff you can only find at Cove Pocono properties.

“Everything in the Poconos resorts feels like it's not trying to cater to the internet, it's trying to cater to couples,” said Margaret. “I'm so used to as a millennial - everyone's trying to draw me into share me on the internet. Nothing feels like a photo backdrop.” 

Countless couples celebrating love over the years for years to come heart-shaped tubs and all.

You can book on or find Cove on social @poconoromance.