5:19 min October 02, 2023

UTVs and Paintball with Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours

Gear up for paintball and a UTV ride at Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours near Pocono Raceway!

Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours offers two outdoor adventures all year long: guided UTV tours behind the iconic Pocono Raceway, and the newly added paintball experience.

“Our UTV tours provide access to areas of the Tricky Triangle that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. We also ride right under the grandstands and can walk guests on the track during the off-season,” said Yamari Santos, manager.

At Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours, you can expect to ride through mud pits and get downright dirty! UTVs can seat 2, 4, or 6 people – perfect for families, groups of friends, or even bachelor and bachelorette parties, which have become popular.

“Tours last an hour and can cover 10-13 miles. I love watching everyone have fun, and they sure do have a lot of fun,” smiled Seth Rudbart, tour guide.

Within the same day, you can also book the paintball experience.  

“Paintball is a very fast-paced, intense game where you break up in to teams and start on opposite sides of the field. We have a couple different objectives, such as ‘capture the flag’ or ‘eliminate the other team’,” explained Bryan Dinterman, paintball referee.

He added, “there are a couple ways you can play. A lot of people their first time tend to stick towards the back, which makes for a slower-paced game, but usually by the end of it people are more willing to run up and really get in to some good fire fights.”