4:20 min February 05, 2024

Winter Drone Compilation of the Pocono Mountains

Get a spectacular glimpse of winter in the Pocono Mountains from the skies.

Each and every month, we are showcasing the Pocono Mountains, all four counties from down here on the ground. But in winter time, the Poconos takes on a different look from the sky. So we wanted to take the drone up and show you around the Pocono Mountains from a little bit different perspective. Come along for our journey across the Poconos by drone.

Our first stop was the Delaware Water Gap and the Appalachian Trail which runs right through the Pocono Mountains. From up here, you can see the fresh fallen snow and the Delaware River. Through hikers usually wait until all this is melted to make their miles-long journey along the Appalachian Trail between Georgia and Maine. 

This time of year, snow makes for great skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing. The Poconos’ six ski resorts provide so much for all levels, all ages, just check out the views from high above at Camelback and Blue Mountain. 

Traveling with our drone operator, Zane Shupp, we stopped in Milford for a look from on high. This town, planned out like a grid, historic in so many ways and with wintry scenery, just picture perfect from any angle. 

Just down Route 6 is Shohola Falls, tucked away yet easily accessible for liftoff. 

“When you actually see these things from above the contour of the ice and obviously will not not leaves on the trees you can see through the woods better, but I just I'm really loving these patterns in the ice that are formed at this time of year that you just can't see from ground level spectacular nature's art. It's beautiful,” said Shupp.

The grandeur of the Poconos directly in view for the drone from this height, waterfall and all. Our PTN drone isn’t the only one in the skies. Nick with High Point Perspective has spent time over the hydroelectric dam at Lake Wallenpaupack during a rare dam release which sent massive amounts of water down creek to Paupack Falls at Ledges Hotel. 

“Started it off probably about two years ago and yeah ever since just kinda got obsessed with it,” said Nick Lawlor. 

Like me, Nick grew up in the Poconos and was drawn to capturin the sky-high views and sharing with the social media world, places like the iconic Woodloch Resorts. In winter it’s especially stark with bright white of snow.

“A lot cleaner get a lot more contrast especially with like the snow like pine trees especially to get dark colors with the white and you get that really cool the ice of the lake and especially when it first starts freezing and you get to see the different forms of nature,” said Lawlor. 

Nick, like Zane, takes a lot of care to capture the images for sharing with us all. The beauty of the Poconos region but from a whole new vantage point.

“There are precautions a lot of you know precautions you got you gotta take know it is a toy kinda do feel like a kid again you know playing with that's another reason why it I like it a lot but I mean it is you know there's rules and regulations and effect for you for a reason you know it's definitely fun, but yeah, could be a little nerve-racking too and especially like you know a wind gust can come out of nowhere,” adde Lawlor. 

For years, we’ve had to rely mostly on handheld cameras but now they can take off showcasing landmarks like Big Pocono State Park and Camelback, Serenite, and many other Pocono Places in winter and any season.