PoconosVRO to be the voice of short-term rentals in the Pocono Mountains

In response to a growing interest in an organization to advance the interests of vacation rental owners in the Poconos, a group of volunteers has come formed a formal trade association: PoconosVRO, a 501 (c)(6) corporation, supported by membership dues.

The vision of PoconosVRO is to be the voice for the vacation home and short-term rental (STR) industry in the Poconos. The organization strives to support responsible regulation which would provide for a level playing field, lobby against overregulation, advocate for individual owners, highlight good practices and stop bad practices, publicize contributions to the region, present opportunities for hotel tax support and assert this is not a place for class action lawsuits.

“As an STR/VRO owner in the Poconos for six years, I was so excited to hear that there was finally going to be a voice to support owners and promote tourism in the Poconos,” said Ellen Capell. “I have been a small voice in my township and with a formal alliance we will be able to really make a difference and demonstrate the value we bring to the Poconos. I am honored to be part of this association and I believe we are truly saving the Poconos as a vacation destination!”

PoconosVRO began in early 2023 with informal meetings then by April, the trade association was incorporated with bylaws, active volunteers and charter members joined to show support. The association meets every two weeks and is in the process of forming committees and planning events.

“Well-run STRs are a win-win for communities,” said Marty Nicoll who represents PoconosVRO. “They are well kept raising property values, they contribute more tax revenue per home than long-term rentals and they contribute to a healthy growing local economy.”

According to statistics provided by the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, vacation rentals generated $417,315,980 in bookings in 2022, the tax revenue from this is 9%. Nearly 1.8 million nights were booked in 2022 representing a significant portion of all guests who stay in the Poconos.

“Vacation home rentals have always been a part of the Poconos’ ethos since the very first days of hospitality growth in the region,” said Chris Barrett, President/CEO of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau. “With the advent of third-party booking sites, vacation rentals grew into a larger part of the tourism industry fueled by increased demand and provide significant economic impact to the four-county region. We are pleased to support the efforts of the Poconos Association of Vacation Rental Owners.”

Membership provides the funding needed to build the association's infrastructure and help advance the interest of the Short-term Rental Industry in the Poconos. Charter Membership is $150 for 2023.


About Poconos Association of Vacation Rental Owners:

Founded in 2023, this not-for-profit trade association strives to be the voice for the vacation home and short-term rental industry in the Poconos. The all-volunteer association represents and advances the interests of vacation rental owners in the Poconos and advocate for practical short-term rental regulation; while providing members with the educational, networking, and resources they need to run responsible and profitable businesses. Rental Owners can become Charter Members by visiting the association’s website at http://www.PoconosVRO.org.