4:02 min September 04, 2023

All Aboard Runaway Train Brewery in Honesdale, PA

Located in Honesdale, Runaway Train Brewery is the newest stop on the Pocono Beverage Trail!

Runaway Train Brewery in downtown Honesdale is the newest stop on the Pocono Beverage Trail. Runaway Train is appropriately named because it is right on the railroad tracks in town with a lot of great beers on tap, great food and entertainment as well!

We found Charles Mills, the head brewer at Runaway Train, in his element cranking out craft beer focused on quality and right on track.

"Excited to start the beer program from the ground up. Really just want to focus on quality good quality IPAs and lagers is going to be the base of our program. As we get into the the colder months we'll go into stouts and porters, just really want to keep the quality up and and be proud of what we make," said Mills.

Mills was the one to cut the ribbon on the new brewery in Honesdale, ready to take passengers on a ride with tasty brews and a menu that pairs nicely with a stop along the Pocono Beverage Trail.

"We're at the very end of the train track quite literally," said Mills. "You can either start or stop here it's up to you. I'd recommend stopping."

"The Pocono Beverage Trail has really helped inspire you know the creation of this brewery," said Justin Genzlinger, CEO of Settlers Hospitality. "So we've taken what was a brewery in town and tried to give it a different style a different approach."

Genzlinger and Settlers Hospitality are helping to conduct this Runaway Train but don't let the name fool you, everyone on board knows right where they're going with a new brewery in Honesdale.

"Town has just been fabulous, Honesdale has got a great vibe going right now, thrilled to be a part of it," he added. "It made sense for investment purposes, for economic development and for a way for us to plant a flag in the community."

"There's so many things to be a part of in an up and coming small town, so many things to do in Honesdale," said Jenn Bockerstette with Runaway Train Brewery. "We're welcoming and thrilled to be here."

From the friendly staff to some big plans for the future, Runaway Train has some momentum and then some.

"We're working on two different expansion efforts both vertically and outside and part of that is to incorporate families and pets," said Genzlinger. "This just so happens to be the Stourbridge Line right next door and part of Honesdale's roots in the train industry. Who doesn't like seeing a vintage train you will be able to take that excursion rail with a beer in your hand down the river sometime in 2024."

Actual train rides right from the brewery's front doors which even has a strong mural game too with local artists Jeff George and Pauline Glykolokolos.

"He's so unique with murals and settings we're glad to have him painting the skin and ink outside of this brewery," added Genzlinger.

There is wine on tap too, even Moka Origins cold brew coffee and food specials weekly, live entertainment on Fridays and the main ingredient this place runs on: the beer.

"Very proud of the space, very proud of the transformation we've done the last couple months. Super happy with the beers coming out so far really excited for people to come check it out," said Mills.

Check out Runaway Train online and in person. One more stop along the Pocono Beverage Trail.