4:47 min July 08, 2024

Dinosaurs at Camelbeach Outdoor Waterpark

Learn how visitors to Camelbeach at Camelback Resort can check out 35 lifelike dinosaurs!

JIM: We've got the Kibblers here from Abrightsville here. Little guy here is ready to check out Dinobeach here this summer at Camelbeach. And guess what? There's a trail that leads him right in here. Check it out, guys. Let's go find out all about these lifelike dinosaurs here for the summer at Camelbeach. No extra cost for people enjoying sun and the fun right here at Camelbeach. Come on along.

JIM: This place is the largest outdoor water park in all of Pennsylvania and this year, something special. Molly Coneybeer is here to tell us all about Dinobeach this season and the Kibblers over here. They're going to have a great time today, Molly, because you have 35 lifelike dinosaurs right inside the park here and some of them move and make noise.

MOLLY: Absolutely. And it's you know, why not? We're always here to have a little bit extra funding here at Camelbeach. And everybody knows that. Our guests know that. And we needed something a little extra this season. So, of course, why not? Over 35 lifesize animatronic dinosaurs in the water park. They range in all kinds of sizes, all kinds of dinosaurs. And it's just this great way to enjoy summer fun and have something added to that.

JIM: Because kids love the dinosaur.

MOLLY: Absolutely. And we have some signage and things like that around the dinosaurs with some fun facts.

JIM: So you can learn. You can come here and pick up some some new knowledge, some of the most fun you'll have all summer here with no added costs.

MOLLY: No, that's it. This is all included. This is just a part of your day ticket or your season pass.

JIM: All right, let's go find some other ones. We're going to take a little walk.

JIM: Molly, check out the real lifelike nature of this T-Rex right here. I'd be so freaked out if I was coming along here, and I didn't expect this, but thankfully, people know they're coming to Dinobeach.

MOLLY: Obviously, I'm freaked out as an adult. It doesn't matter. And I know that they're here. So yeah. So everything is accurate to the best of everyone's knowledge. Who studies dinosaurs and the size of them to comparative to like how big we are.


JIM: We could go down to this T-Rex. This thing towers over us. So kids are probably in awe of seeing these things. The T-Rex existed in the United States, right, in Western USA, and you can learn that on these little sign here. So the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous period that 250 million years ago, but in 2024, Dinobeach right here at Camelbeach for the entire season, running into September.

MOLLY: Yep. You know, it'll be here the entire season. So we typically close around Labor Day.

JIM: Show us another, if you don't mind. --- Molly, I would have thought this is a triceratops, but. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. This is not a triceratops fox. It is a cosmotriceratops. So its head moves. It makes noises. It really provides people with an idea of not just its size, but a baby cosmotriceratops. If kids want to get their hands dirty, there's a fossil.

MOLLY: Absolutely fossil dig pit over here. And we have little paintbrushes and kids can hop on in here and, you know, feel like a real life paleontologist.

JIM: Look at this, guys. I think I'm uncovering something here for the first time, considering we're here on day one in June. Molly, thanks for having us. We're going to find some families who are having fun out here and some other kids.

MOLLY: Yeah, that's a good, good idea. Have fun.

JIM: We got Chris and Christian here from New Jersey. You guys are enjoying Spinosaurus here. Guys, what do you love about the dinosaurs on top of one of the coolest water parks around?

CHRIS: They're so big, right, buddy? We like looking at the teeth. We like to see the animatronics. How they really moved. This is a triceratops.

JIM: But that's a monster, isn't it?

CHRIS: You see his teeth look inside his head and herbivore eats plants.

JIM: Thanks for joining us here on Pocono Television Network. Enjoy the rest of your stay here at Dinobeach or Camelbeach.

So while we are just chilling with some pachycephalosauruses here at Camelbeach all summer long. We want to invite you to come on out with your whole entire family, get to to find out the ticket prices when this place opens and how you can enjoy some of these prehistoric creatures all summer long right here at Camelbeach.