5:32 min January 01, 2023

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From the minute the taps opened at Log Tavern Brewing Company in Milford, Ryan Scott and his crew have been pouring the good stuff along the Sawkill Creek, one of more than two dozen stops along the Pocono Beverage Trail.

"I got my start from home brewing," said Scott. "I had a passion for it and it just turned - what started as a hobby just became my obsession it just grew from there."

His obsession is now a craft beer brand well worth visiting any time of year especially when you are looking to cash in on the surrounding downtown Milford events throughout the year or just immerse yourself in all the outdoor activities centered around town.

"Milford borough has a lot of events, town wide events, we have an Oktoberfest that's a pretty big hit in Milford," added Scott. "It's just the proximity to everything people want to do outdoors and we're situated in the heart of that."

Speaking of the heart of the Pocono Beverage Trail, that title would have to reside in Tannersville at Barley Creek Brewing Company. The first craft brewery to open in the Poconos in 1995 and owner Trip Ruvane has expanded the ballgame ever since.

"We're having fun, we had fun 27 years ago," said Ruvane. "And we are going to do it years to come."

Pocono Television Network caught up with Trip barside on the 27th anniversary for the brewery and shared a pint of the Rescue IPA, Barley Creek's flagship beer.

"When we opened in '95, I think craft beer was considered Yeungling, we had to convince people what craft beer was," Ruvane added.

Now, craft beer is a huge industry and Barley Creek is situated in the center of the Pocono Beverage Trail with its own spirits distilled here too, Whiffle Ball field, S'mores dining campsites and lots to offer guests whether it's during ski season, spring, summer or fall.

"I looked at big picture of beverage trail, north and sections south and when you look at the beverage trail we're right in the heart of it. You can go up north and finish here, start here and go south," he said.

North would be the path to get you back to Log Tavern in Milford where Ryan Scott and his not-so-elusive yeti have rotating beers on the taps and fires roasting out back for a unique experience on the beverage trail.

"We have 14 beers now and one cider. NEIPA, West Coast IPA, one stout," Scott shared.

Log Tavern can be the start or end of a beverage trail journey along the Route 6 corridor between Honesdale, Hawley, Lake Wallenpaupack, Greentown and Milford.

And Log Tavern is no stranger to working with other brewers to create something to sip on.

"All the breweries in the Poconos try to work together. We do a collaboration with Hopping Eagle Brewery and Wallenpaupack, Sons of the Hunt, we do a beer called Beyond the Pines. It's a spruce tip New England IPA."

Whether it is Log Tavern on the scene a few years, or Barley Creek a few decades, the beverage trail gives users the chance to sample craft beer all across the Poconos, wine and spirits too, and score a free hat with enough check-ins at trail locations.

Redeem the hat at Insurrection Distillery, the Wake Zone Indoor Golf and Taproom and Barley Creek, where it all began.

"I've always believed the fraternity - sorority of these brewpubs and brewers is a good thing," said Ruvane. "And it's a good thing for Pennsylvania. It brings in new industry, a high-paying industry. Not only able to say we're foodies, but we know what we're doing with beer."